Inspiron N5110 Windows7 32bit All Drivers (Video, Audio, Network etc) Problem Solved


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Inspiron N5110 Windows7 32bit All Drivers (Video, Audio, Network etc) Problem Solved

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After a lot of net searching I have found the solution.

It is not understandable why DELL does not provide drivers for Inspiron N5110 for Win 7 32 bit? Angry

Me and a friend of mine recently got the Inspiron N5110 laptop with i3, 3gb, 500 gb. We installed win 7 64 bit as only its drivers were listed on the website.

But 64 bit causes problems while running hi-tech softwares like Matlab and Xilinx (Yes, I am an engineer Smile). So I had to move to win7 32 bit.

But Win7 32 bit drivers are not available on web. My friend got a solution for this. He found that almost all the win7 32 bit drivers for Vostro 3350 and 3550 are compatible for Dell Inspiron N5110. I download and installed them and they are working on my laptop very well.

You need the following drivers. The actual files are named like R161139,exe, no description. the description is added by me.

F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R161139.EXE
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R291975_Wifi_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R291993_Renesas_USB3_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R292194_Intel_Management_Engine_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R292253_HM7_Chipset_x32.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R292450_Ethernet_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R292473_CardReader_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R292488_Wifi_bluetooth_V_A00_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R295142_Graphics_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R297811_Audio_V_A02_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R303143_Graphics_x32.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R305170_Touchpad_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R309746_Winston_USB3_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R312280_Wifi_Bluetooth_V_A02_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R314287_Dell_Quickset_x32_x64.exe
F:\5110 driver\Drivers\R315254_Audio_V_A03_x32_x64.exe

Hope It Solves the Problem for all those who are looking for dell inspiron 32 bit dirvers.

Peace for everyone.

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  • i want wifi driver dell n5110 inspiron

  • thanks ABSYED.

  • could you please send to me link for download all drivers for  N5110 INSPIRON for Windows 7 32 bit

  • This worked! Thanks a lot... You saved me the time of installing windows 7 64 bit ;)

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    Can you maybe post the link with the place where we can wuickly find these drivers?


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