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Windows 8 on Latitude ST?


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Windows 8 on Latitude ST?

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So I've put Windows 8 on my ST...  I've noticed if I install the N-Trig, it crashes the OS.

Has anyone else out there put it on their ST yet?  What have your experiences been?

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  • Put the Win 8 consumer preview on last night over existing Win 7 installation. N-Trig doesn't crash the os, but it doesn't work.

    Tried uninstalling the drivers, and reinstalling.  Nope. Let Win 8 search and install, and got something called N-Trig duo bulk.  Kind-of works, but is not smooth, and only has single touch.  Found some other threads that say to run the N-Trig dpinst executable as admin.  That installs the drivers, but Winows 8 disables the multitouch function with some error it found, and single touch does not work.

    Ran diagnostics.  Nothing.  Grabbed the most current drivers from both Dell and N-trig.  Nothing.

    So, at this point, only the single touch functions using the N-Trig duo bulk which came from Win 8 hardware rescan.  Meaning multitouch functions do not work. 

    By the way, the pen works whether N-Trig is there or not.


  • I loaded Win 8 on my ST as well. I had to reinstall the drivers for a number of components. Even though the driver for the wireless NIC installed it says that it can't start the device. Were you able to get yours working and if so what did you have to do?

  • Another day out, but somewhat forward. 

    I have everything working -- mostly.  I did a clean install in Win 8 CP -- in other words, I wiped out everything and started from scratch.  Installed Win 8 CP, which of course did not have a lot of the drivers, so I made sure I had the latest from Dell and added them in the following order:

    1 - Updated the BIOS to A03

    2 - Network driver R317737_ZPE (really not necessary as this appears to be a USB to Ethernet driver)

    3 - Intel Chipset software A00_R311637

    4 - Network driver R316053

    5 - Video driver NJ0X3_A04_ZPE

    6 - Audio R312580

    7 - Radio adn Rotate Control R317878

    8 - N-Trig multi-touch digitizer A00_R313366

    While things are working, I'm not convinced multi-touch is functional, but I'm not sure exactly how to test it.  The photo app doesn't seem to allow zoom in - out via multitouch (like you'd expect on either an Android or iPad), so, I'm at a loss there.  At least all the drivers show they're present and operational.

    (Although, I notice that for N-Trig, there's only one thing listed and in the original Win 8 install over Win 7, there were about 7 or 8 items listed.)

    Let me just say that I really resent not having the Start button, and am really missing the run command.  That's a Win 8 issue, and not a Dell ST hardware issue, so it's a whine here unrelated to the hardware.

  • I've done a clean install of Win 8 on my ST also.  The default camera APP in Windows 8 isn't working.  Nothing is diplayed on teh screen except a black box, although Video and Pictures can be taken unsing it.  Anyone else have this issue?

  • Hi, excuse my English. Today I installed Windows 8 on my Latitude ST and to me the camera not work.
    It seems that there are also other driver issues.

    I did not understand, the video driver section 5 of Don E F (NJ0X3_A04_ZPE) is not the video driver, is the camera driver, is a mistake? Thank you.

  • Installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (32 bit) today on my Dell Latitude ST. Updated my BIOS to version A03 and it works OK for the most part...


    • Chipset: latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (9.​3.​0.​1019)
    • Graphics: latest Intel GMA 600 drivers from Intel (
    • Audio: Windows 8 built-in drivers work fine
    • WLAN: R316053 from Dell
    • HSDPA modem/GPS/whatever else the 'DW5500' does: R318750_ZPE from Dell.
    • Webcam: Windows 8 built-in drivers work, but not 100%. Installing NJ0X3_A04_ZPE from Dell doesn't seem to make a difference.
    • Multitouch: Windows 8 built-in drivers work, but without multi-touch
    • Quickset/Radio and Rotate Control: R317878 from Dell

    Issues found so far:

    • Webcam: shows no preview, taking photos works (tap on screen), video recording not (proably same reason why the preview doesn't work)
    • Note on the HSDPA modem: I haven't used it, you may need the Dell Broadband Manager tool inside R318758_ZPE. Haven't tried GPS yet either.
    • Multi-touch: without drivers installed, you have single touch and pen input. I tried the 'DPInst' trick others used for their Latitude XT/HP TX2 but after a couple reboots with BSODs, Windows 8 disabled the N-trig multitouch device (so no touch input at all!) and properly booted up again. I had to use the pen to uninstall all the Ntrig drivers :P so only singletouch for now. Drivers from Dell and N-Trig are the same version (6.136), haven't tried drivers for other devices yet because they seem to be the same despite different version numbers...
    • Bing Maps doesn't (properly) render the map most of the time (video driver issue, or is the Intel GMA 600 not powerful enough?)

    All in all: it works, but the device doesn't provide the true Windows 8 experience. The screen resolution is too low for app snapping (requires at least 1366x768), and the device feels a bit slow when you give it a heavier workload. Cut The Rope even warns that the device is to slow, and rotating from landscape to portrait and back isn't nearly as fast as it should be. If you consider buying the Latitude ST: hang on untill Windows 8 is released and slates with Windows 8 are available.

  • N-Trig multi-touch drivers for Windows 8 are now available at :) they work, although it is not as smooth as on an iPad or modern Android tablet. That's probably due to the tablets limited processing power, and not the drivers.

  • yes ... me. Also can't get the front facing cam to work?

  • I'm having the same issue trying to get the front camera working.  It worked when I had Windows 7 installed.

    I've noticed that if I install Skype, for some reason Skype has the ability to toggle between both the front and the Back camera. once the camera is toggled in Skype. the camera is then switched in the Os.

    Its funny that Skype has the correct drivers and the drivers that ship with Dell by Dell are not working? Also event though Skype has the proper drivers for the Front and Back camera by adding them to the system it still doesn't make the stock Windows 8 camera app work or the Dell Web Cam Central.

    Things I still cannot get to work in Windows 8 CP:


    intel graphics media accelerator 600

  • I just installed Skype in the hope it might fix things. It didn't. I might try deleting all the existing webcam software and install Skype first and see if that works.

  • I cannot get the mobile broadband to work.  If I upgrade from Win7 it shows as there but fails, if I do a clean install of Win8 CP it shows in device manager as needing a driver and no matter what I try to give it, it will not take it.

    As for the camera, I tried the camera app in the app store, still no functionality of the front facing camera.

  • I've got one of these on the way.  The Dell salesman I spoke to said it would be upgradeable to Win8, but it sounds like Intel won't be doing any drivers for the GMA600.  Does anyone have an update on this?

  • I have both the Dell Slate and the Acer W500. I installed the RTM version on both yesterday, so far a bit disappointed in the Dell ST's performance but works beautifully on the Acer.

    Dell Slate:

    Pros: Sleek looking, better screen, larger hard drive

    Cons: Very choppy scrolling and pinch to zoom, the Windows tiles do not  glide along very smoothly, occasionally freezes. When you install Windows 8 you pretty much need to install all the hardware drivers. Auto rotate seems non-existent.

    Acer W500:

    Pros: As far as I can see works perfectly with Windows 8, you only have to install maybe 2 drivers.Very smooth scrolling, pinch to zoom, very fast.

    Cons: A bit on the heavy side and bulky, at least for a tablet but I can live with it. Screen not as crisp as Dell ST.

    The W500 was actually cheaper. I wish I could combine the best of both worlds, Dell's build with Acers performance. From what I'm hearing Dell ST's lag is due to not having optimized video drivers but also could be due to having only single core chip. Hopefully there are some driver updates soon, otherwise the Acer is my hands down Windows 8 tablet of choice.

  • At least until the absolute plethora of Windows 8 tablets appear in a couple of weeks or so ... Windows 8 (RT or whatever it is going to be called) running on arm processors. That should mean being able to dual boot full, proper versions of Windows and Android on the one tablet. Bring it on!

    You will find my Dell Latitude St tablet on Ebay this evening. Useless piece of junk (I almost feel guilty selling it to someone)

  • Installed Win8 Pro, the formal release on Oct 26, on my Dell Latitude ST. Two same problems encountered:

    Atheros Mini card driver did not work. The win7 driver offered by Dell fail to install.

    The latest Duo-pen driver from N-Trig website crashed the Win8. Had to install the OS all over again.

    My solution:

    Re-install Win 8 Pro

    Installed Intel Chipset driver

    Installed intel video driver

    Installed the driver recommended by Tyson on

     The Atheros driver completed the installation step by step successfully. But a windows came up telling me the driver needed the Microsoft .NET Framework for full functionality. The Atheros mini card worked for awhile and then lost its connection.

    As there was no internnect connection, I installed the network driver from Dell for ST and put it on the docking station for Lat ST so that I could access the internet via LAN cable on the docking station. After installing the network driver for LAN, it told agesssssssssss for the OS to update itself - almost an hour. It then connected to internet via the docking station flawlessly. The same window came up again telling me to download the update of .NET Framework. I selected download update and it searched and download the .NET FRamework flawlessly. After reboot, the Atheros half-mini card worked steadily in Win8. No more disconnection. I'll do more testing later on to assert its stability. At least the wifi on my Dell tablet worked.

    For the duo pen Win8 driver from N-trig, I left it untouched for now.