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New Dell XPS 13 Fan Noise is ridiculous!


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New Dell XPS 13 Fan Noise is ridiculous!

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I was really looking forward to replacing my MacBook Air with the new XPS 13, but the fan noise is a deal breaker.  What I don't understand is how could Dell overlook this problem?  The Vostro V13 is very quiet and I barely notice when the fan is running.  Of course the MacBook Air is very quiet unless you are watching a video then it sounds like a hurricane.  But even with just Outlook open or browsing the web this fan in the XPS 13 is extremely annoying.  

I was looking forward to finally having a windows key again.  Maybe Dell will get it right next time.  Everything else about the XPS 13 is awesome.

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  • Just received my new XPS 13 and the fan noise was the first thing I noticed. I actually thought something was wrong and was going to contact Dell support, but after reading this post, maybe not so fast. I was hoping to use the PC for work, but I can't imagine sitting in a meeting with my XPS open and fan blasting away like that. Maybe Dell will have a fix at some point.

    Otherwise, I agree, everything else about the XPS 13 is great.

  • I called support the night I received.  I really couldn't believe that this amazing new laptop had such a design flaw.  I really thought I had a bad fan and so did Dell support.  I'm receiving a new one today, but I'm already expecting that the same problem will exist.

  • Thanks for joining the community.

    I am sorry to read that you are having the problem with the fan noise.  I understand from reading your posts that you noticed the fan noise right off the bat, basically just turning on the machine, is this correct?

    I would like to ask what version of the BIOS do you have installed on the notebook.  In windows just click start, search and search for sys. You should be able to see System Information in the list. You can also click start, all programs, accessories and then system information.  Open System Information and highlight system summary, then on the right look for BIOS Version/date  and it should list the version as A01 or A02 or something like that.  You can also start the system tapping F2 and get into the BIOS and find the version there.

    Please reply back with the version number.  Hopefully we may be able to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.



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  • Same situation ......A01

  • I have the same situation, also.

  • The initial machine I received on Wednesday and the replacement unit I received today both say A01.  I really hope a BIOS would solve this problem.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  • For what its worth, I have a new i5 based XPS 13z, 256GB disk, BIOS A01. Quiet as a mouse unless playing video, then a bit of noise, but nothing approaching intolerable. Unpacked mine just a few hours, and love it. Absolutely love it.

  • Same problem, BIOS A01

  • Same Problem here. I've been reading a bit about it and understand there is a new bios floating around...A02. Has anyone tried this? On a similar note though, the fan sometimes seem like it would go full bore even when the lid is closed. Anyone experience this as well?

  • And on that note, whereabouts can one obtain this new bios A02? It doesn't seem to be listed in the downloads section for this laptop. This is a nice laptop but the random starting up of the fans is getting a bit annoying. Thanks for any help.

  • The A02 version of the BIOS is now available from

    If you have not installed it yet on your notebooks please do so.  Please report back here if the BIOS rev helps with the amount of noise the fans on the system is making.

    If even after updating to A02 you notice that fan noise is still louder than normal for a notebook try this test.

    Click start, search and search for msconfig. Run msconfig and click the services tab, check "hide all Microsoft" services and then click "disable all". Click the startup tab and click "disable all" then click OK and allow the notebook to restart.

    Once the system reboots please test and reply back if the fans are any quieter or not.

    After testing please return to msconfig and click "normal startup" then click OK and allow the system to reboot to return the notebook to normal.

    I am interested in finding out if the software load on the notebook makes a difference with fan noise or not.



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  • Well, isn't that special. I did *NOT* have a problem with fan noise, and with the new A02 bios, my previously quiet XPS 13 now sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Palm slap. Why oh why update a perfectly good laptop?

  • I don't suppose there is an easy way to roll back to A01? A link would be appreciated if its as simple as downloading A01.. can't seem to find it.

    EDITED: False alarm. Perhaps it was upgrading a bunch of drivers and the BIOS that got the system a little hot. After letting it rest, the behavior is back to normal. With both A01 and A02, the I5/256GB XPS 13z fan does not noticeably run when CPU loads are close to idle, and steps up as I would expect it to under heavier loads.


  • I don’t suggest rolling back the BIOS to A01.  I do suggest testing to see if disabling the start up and services group to check to see if it makes any difference at all with the level of fan activity and noise.  Please give it a go and report back if there were any changes.   If the problem continues please shoot me a private message, just click on my signature and click send message.  Please include the service tag and your shipping info in your message.


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  • Thanks Terry. I did shut down the optional services as you suggested using msconfig, but it had no effect. Before doing so I verified the system was quiet (no downloads in progress, cpu near 0% busy). for the record, the services are now back to where they were when the system was shipped.

    The sequence of events was as follows;

    System working fine, fan almost never comes on.

    Update BIOS to A02, restart

    Fan runs higher than I have ever heard it.

    Posted my initial message here noting the fan running at very high speeds.

    Taskmanager shows CPU idle

    run msconfig and disable non-ms services, restart (not expecting a positive result as there was no load)

    No change, fan still running at high speed.

    Update all drivers available for download

    Fan running hard, no change.

    Turned off the system and left it alone for 15 minutes or so.

    Start system, Fan was quiet (off) for some time.

    By the end of me typing this message, the fan is back on albeit at a low speed.

    So, in summary, before I started this process, my fan never ran unless there was a heavy CPU load.

    After the upgrade to A02, the "new normal" at idle load is the fan running at a relatively low speed.


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