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XPS 15 running very slow


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XPS 15 running very slow

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I have a Dell XPS 15, purchased last year. Last two weeks, I am observing a gradual slowness in the system. I mean from browsing, to opening up of a file.. many things seem to be working slow.. But when I am playing games, things are fine.. I have uninstalled every software which I don't use. I am defragmenting my system regularly, windows 7 and system drivers are up to date..

What else should I do to make it work like it should  be working? I don't want to format the system, lots of issues with that option.. Please advice..


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  • Run the Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) -- including an extended memory and hard drive test.

  • hi ejn63,

    thanks for replying. I tried the diagnostics. The extended one. It was successful. I am observing slightly better performance now. But will be observing it some more..

  • I have the same problem. When I purshased my laptop it was working great, then suddenly it started slowing down, freezing etc. Sometimes when I start it up I get the message "Operation system not found". Have run all possible tests / diagnoses and it passed all. Also did all the system restores and factory image restore as mentionned in the support pages, still same problem. It's even getting worser!  I'm currently in support mails with dell. They asking me to reinstall windows and will send me the cd's tomorrow. I'm not sure it will work but will give it a try...

    Has anyone already had to return a laptop for repair? I'm still under warranty but as I understand the sending costs are for me? Might be cheaper to take it to a repair shop?

  • Check to see whether the system BIOS (F2 at powerup) sees the hard drive or not.  If it does not, and the drive is easily accessed (it is in most Dell systems EXCEPT FOR late model Inspirons), remove and reinstall the drive.  If it's then found, run a diagnostic on it.

    If it's not, the drive is toast.

    If you have a late-model Inspiron, the drive is not easy to access - it requires an almost complete tear-down of the system to get to - a process best left to Dell, since the possibility of damage is high.

  • I have exactly the same problem, how do you fix it??????

  • i guess the OS gets slower after some time. I did install new OS. looks to be fine so far.. some glitches here and there..