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Disabling Touchpad on Inspiron 4150


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Disabling Touchpad on Inspiron 4150

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The left click button on my Touchpad is broken so I installed an external mouse.  However, when typing, the cursor jumps about, presumably because my hands are near the Touchpad.  I'd like to disable to Touchpad completely and just use the external, but when I try to do this in the control panel, it disables the external as well.  How can I disable the Touchpad and still have the external mouse work?

Thanks in advance.

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  • sludge7,

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    You can boot into the bios and go to page 4. Then you can go down to the area that reads Pointing Device. From here you can disable the touchpad.

    Pointing Device: can be set to Touch Pad-PS/2 Mouse, Serial Mouse or PS/2 Mouse. Serial mouse and PS/2 Mouse settings disable the onboard touchpad and pointing stick.

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  • 1.If Dell touchpad drivers are installed you should be able to disable the touchpad without affecting the external mouse-

    the video below shows you how it works on an inspiron 1545

    2.Regarding your broken touchpad key:

      It is possible to remap that key,so that - for instance - the right ALT-key could be used  to function like the left  mouse or touchpad key.If you like to know how to do it  let me know.