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XPS 15z Windows CD

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I'm sorry if I'm posting at the wrong forum but

I would like to reformat my Dell XPS 15z which bought 6 months back and get rid of all the programs whatsoever that came with it but still use the license which I payed for when buying the laptop. Is there a way that I can still use this license and if so how?

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  • Hi Junejag_98,

    Welcome to the Community. You will need to use the Windows disc that you got with the computer to reformat it. Use the below link for help on how to manually reinstall windows on your computer.

    Note: The support site is going through an upgrade, so the link may not open, so try again later.

    Thank you


  • I didn't get one when I bought my laptop. I just got the drivers and utilities disk

  • Hi,

    Use the below link to request for OS disc if you are in the US. If you are in any other country you will need to call Dell Technical Support in your region and request for one.

    Thank you


  • why not just restore it via recovery to be the same as the day you got it? This is already on the drive.

  • the errors that I suspect being there still is there even when using the recovery thingy