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Dell Vostro 1000 SSD


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Dell Vostro 1000 SSD

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I'm looking to upgrade my Vostro 1000 with a SSD

Will any of these drives fit/work?

Dell Technical support tell me that this laptop will not support SSD, but they also said the maximum memory is 2GB which I know is incorrect as I have 4GB installed (2.72gb recognised on the Win 7 x86)

Thx in advance

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  • Any SATA SSD that will fit, will work - but it's not worth the cost on a low-end system like this one.

  • I disagree.  Depending on what you pay for the SSD it can be an excellent way to upgrade your laptop.

  • I have done both upgrades (RAM and SSD) on a Vostro 1000 and they turned what used to be an OK laptop into an excellent one.  Neither one is difficult to complete.

  • Jim,

    Right on :) with the Vostro upgraded RAM and SSD. I too recently installed a SSD into my Vostro 1000 but seem to have problems updating the BIOS. Did you encounter any errors or issues with your install??? I seem to be getting a code 5 error when I start to flash and cannot proceed. It all started when my hard drive failed 2 weeks out of warranty. I installed win7 and tried to update the BIOS to solve the battery issue.  I've conctacted DELL with no luck as they just refer me to their forum. I see the potential in this baby as I plan to do the RAM as well.



  • Do your bios upgrade with XP and then jump to WIN7. The bios update doesn't like Win7.

    Good Luck