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Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030


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Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030

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Hi All,

Just finished installing a replacement motherboard in this Inspiron M5030 laptop. The original problem was no power to laptop, no fan, no boot. Tried another known working Dell AC adapter i had and no luck with it. Tried removing Optical drive, Memory modules one at a time and ran diagnostic on hard drive after removing it and putting in another computer. Still could not get laptop to boot.

I now have a different issue where i can not get a display on the LCD. I am able to hook up an external LCD and get the display to work on it.

I was able to run the Dell diagnostics and im getting an error code of 0413. The code means LCD cable not detected. I reseated the cable and still have the same issue. The cable and connector look fine and none of the pins look damaged.

Im getting what appears to be 2 different BIOS beep codes when first starting the laptop. The first one is a series of 3 short beeps, followed by 2 quick beeps and then repeats. This happens several times and then i get 8 beeps which repeat several times as well. Beep codes stop and it does boot to the Windows 7 login screen on the external LCD.

Im able to stay at the Windows 7 Login screen without issue for over 15 mins. I have tried entering the BIOS to attempt changing the Service Tag, but the laptop shuts off after a minute or 2. Same thing if i hit F12 and dont make a choice.

So something more than the LCD cable seems to be at fault here. Looking at the Service Manual from here: its hard to tell if the LCD connector has a plug on the end that goes to the display. I hate to take the display all apart just to find out there isnt. Im leaning towards to it being a refurb lemon motherboard. Before i jump through the hoops of getting it replaced, i thought i would get someone elses opinion.

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  • Beep codes from m5030 manual found here: <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Beep Code Possible Problem

    One - Possible system board failure or BIOS ROM checksum failure

    Two - No RAM detected

    NOTE: If you installed or

    replaced the memory module,

    ensure that the memory module

    is seated properly.

    Three - Possible system board failure or Chipset error

    Four - RAM read/write failure

    Five - Real Time Clock failure

    Six - Video card or chip failure

    Seven - Processor failure

    Eight - Display failure

  • Hi, 

    I am Nikul same here problem for the my Dell Inspiron M5030 laptop.

  • Sorry Nikul never got it working. Replaced motherboard as i said and also the cable for the LCD and still no luck.

    Good luck with your repairs. Please post back if your able to get it fixed.

  • Sorry to say that my M5030 did the exact same thing a week ago, waiting for ideas from DELL but looks like you have tried everything.  If I hear differently will let you know.  Good Luck!!

  • Try the oven trick here:

    Worked for me.  Left it to cool overnight.

  • Seven Beeps is Not CPU Failure its Gpu failure in my experience and can be fixed by using a soldering heat gun to re-flow the chip as a temporary fix sometimes permanent

  • I was trying to replace my hard drive and after I turned on my computer it gave me 7 beeps signifying a processor failure. I have a dell inspiron m5030 and was trying to look for maybe a replacement part without spending $150 is there a way to find it cheaper maybe...