Controller Ethernet drivers Inspiron 6400


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Controller Ethernet drivers Inspiron 6400

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Hi, I've problems with my controller ethernet drivers. If I put in my laptop an ethernet cable it doesn't work. Schedule is actived, my pc says it needs new drivers or an upgrade, but internet system doesn't find them and I've not a cd. So, where I can find this driver? My pc is a laptop Inspiron 6400. Please, I really need to resolve this problem! T - T

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  • Can someone link  this driver?


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  • Thank you for answer, but I don't find drivers there... :-(

  • Please, anyone can give me a good link?

  • Maybe DELL has not this driver?

  • Please, I need drivers or I can not use my notebook anymore to connect with new line! :-(

  • You didn't mention what your operating system is.

    For Windows 2000, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP, following this link