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Dell Inspiron n5110 - 8 beeps on start up


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Dell Inspiron n5110 - 8 beeps on start up

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I have a Inspiron N5110 which beeps 8 times on start up and nothing comes up on the display, external monitor works fine.  I replaced the lcd and the same thing.  Is there sometining else I should be looking at??

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  • Eight beeps means a display failure.

    Since the external monitor works, you know it's not a fault with the video card.

    With the notebook off, hold down the "D" key and power the notebook on.  If you get solid colors on the screen, then you know the LCD is good.  I would look for a problem with the video cable.  Just resently, someone found that the front bezel was creating a problem with the video cable.

  • I encountered the same issue.  The laptop had fallen from a table approximately 2-feet above the floor.  Upon subsequently attempting to start the N5110 Dell laptop, I saw a white screen and heard 8 beeps.  The screen did not change from all-white, and the beeps would resume approximately every 15-seconds.

    My solution was to open the computer so that I could see the motherboard.  Watch any of a number of videos on youtube for guidance if you are unfamiliar with the technique for properly disassembling and reassembling the N5110 chassis.  I removed the CMOS battery from its case on the left-front of the motherboard, After a minute I placed the same battery back into the socket.  Taking care to reconnect the three electrical ribbons that run from the motherboard to the keyboard, the battery was replaced and the start button was pushed. 

    A boot notice appeared on the screen that the computer had been improperly shut-down, and I had the option of restoring to a previous point, or starting Windows normally.  I selected the normal start, and after a longer than usual boot, the laptop returned to full functioning.

    I don't know if the ol' CMOS battery trick will work in all instances of the dreaded 8-beep error, but pulling the battery and replacing it causes the system to perform a power reset.  I wish you similar success should you encounter this issue.

  • Good info from Serendipity. Tried it, but without removing the CMOS battery; had option to 'repair' or 'boot normally', and I selected 'boot normally'; the Dell Inspiron N5110 booted successfully and the 8 beeps stopped. I must say I tried a boot repair first, but that was not successful; I did a cold reboot. The successful boot was my second attempt.

  • I Broke the laptop screen and after i raplease it there is no screen and no display at all what shoud i do to fix it my laptop is N5110 Dell inspiron

  • Nvidia has released the 600m gpu series,will dell upgrade 15r with 635gpu in comin days??

  • Hi Joeinopks I have just face the same problem. White display 8 short beep Can you direct me for a solution? Not an expert Thanks in advance Gur
  • Had a similar problem after dropping the laptop fitted new screen then on boot up white screen 8 beeps repeated several times.

    I removed key pad and top cover and discovered that the drop had damaged the screen but had also disslodged the tape conector to the screen under top left

    of key pad pushed conector home all ok.

    Hope this may help you.

  • Remove key pad and top cover check tape connector under top left of key pad

  • My Inspiron 15 M5030 beeps 8 times then stops briefly and does it again endlessly. How can I solve this problem?
  • Hey there, I have the same problem. 8 beeps on startup with  a black blank screen.

    It doesn't happen all the time. Usually if I turn off the computer and try again, it will work the second or third time. I tried the LCD test as you suggested and it worked. I had the solid colors on the screen and my computer started fine. So what is this you are saying about a video cable? is this something I can solve myself?

  • Hi jnesshrms,

    You may try re seating the LCD cable. If that does not fixes the issue, you may also try to re seat the front beel. Here is the link of the service manual:

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    Please reply for any further questions.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vikram M
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  • I also experience the same thing on Dell Inspiron N5110, i really need my stuffs in it can anyone please help me please....


  • Hi Terri,

    In my case, It was a disconnection to the display.
    I have used the Dell support, which came to my home and fix it easily
  • Hi  Terry,

    If your system is emitting  8 beeps on start up with no display it is an issue with the LCD screen/cable.

    As in gur.steinberg case it was just a loose LCD cable.If you urgently need to access some information on your system you may connect an external monitor to get display.

    Is your system within warranty?If yes, please private message me your system Service Tag number.To private message click on my user name and click start conversation.

    I will check your system details and get back to you with repair options.

    Thank You

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  • thanks guys for the tip,

    what if I replace my LCD screen, will it be fixed or not ?