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DELL Vostro 3450 Will not wake up


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DELL Vostro 3450 Will not wake up

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I have been expereincing this problem for a while and have tried various settings fixes - but nothing works. As soon as I close the lid- the computer sleeps. When I open the lid it will not wake up. I have have to hard reset the power button to get it to respond. Please help

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  • There are 3 methods I've found to wake my Vostro 3750.

    Quick press of power button.

    Open lid.

    Move USB mouse (BIOS must be configured for USB wake up).

    Does quick press of power button cause it to wake or does nothing?

    You have pc configured to sleep when lid closed?

    When lid is closed does power indicator indicate sleep mode (cycles between lit and unlit)?

  • Dear Dell

    I have purchased a dell vostro 3750 recently still with warranty and I need it to wake up from sleep mode it does not wake up when i push power button or any other thing for that matter I have to hard shutdown when the lid is reopened. Please help me dell

    Best Regards
    Bachar alouf