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backlight keyboard E5520

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Hi All,

today I installed a keyboard which should have the backlight option but it looks like as the former version. I can´t start the light, can´t see if it is the right one with these light option or not. I think I must install a driver or a software to run it. I did not get any guide to install and setup. Would be great if someone out there will have an idea.

Regards and thanks in advance


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  • If the keyboard is backlit, there should be an additiional cable that connects to the mainboard (not just one of them - there are two).

    If there are, the utility you need is usually the Dell Quickset.

  • Thanks ejn63, it was no cable along with it, so I conncet only the one which was on the old keyboard. Where can I get the Quickset for download?

  • If there was only one cable, the keyboard is not backlit.  No utility will help.

  • okay thanks I will go back to dell and ask for the right one or the add cable. The board looks exactly like to former one, that is strange too. There a each two plugs but only one flat, flex cable.


    i have similar problem, replaced non-backlit keyboard with backlit one. I have one cable. 

    Do you know maybe part number for this backlit cable?


  • Hi lijami,

    Please share the system model and the country of purchase. 

    In case you have Latitude E5520, you may check below the part# for the backlit keyboard available with E5520:

    6VF0N Keyboard Spanish-Latin American Countries W/Backlit
    HFV81 Keyboard Brazilian-Portuguese Backlit
    HG3G3 Keyboard US-English Backlit
    N0FT4 Keyboard French-Canadian Backlit

    Part# and its availability may vary depending on your region. 

    For more information on installation of keyboard, you may refer to the service manual of computer from link: 

    Please ensure to follow safety instructions mentioned in manual.

    Please share the findings. 

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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  • With respect to the posters above, the information given is incorrect.


    The Backlit keyboard is a direct replacement for an E5520 without one.  Both keyboards have only one (the same) connection.


    You can tell a backlit keyboard easily - on the right hand arrow it will have a "blinking key" symbol if it is backlit.  If it is not, it won't.  Also on removal, the backlit keyboard has a white plastic cover whereas the non backlit one does not.


    The keyboard works out of the box with no additional drivers required.


    Oh, and I know this because I've just done it!