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Inspiron 1525 CD drive won't burn

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Hi there!

I've got a 3 year old Inspiron 1525 that has a few problems, but one of the most annoying is that the CD drive won't burn anything anymore! Otherwise, the drive works fine: I can play and rip CDs, play and rip DVDs, run software, etc. I use iTunes for all my music and movies.  When I go to burn a disc, it recognizes that the blank disc is there, but when it comes time to burn, it says that the computer doesn't have the equipment to burn it!  This has been going on for about two years.  I had been burning CDs for a while with iTunes before it stopped.  The only thing I can think of that would interfere with that would be a dvd de-encrypter that runs in the background (DVD43), but I uninstalled it and still had the problem. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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