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Hey I know this isn't really a hardware issue but it's definitely not audio nor video, and that's the only options in this forum ???

Anyways, here's the issue, my sister's Inspiron 1545, just over a year old, started being extremely sluggish yesterday, it litterally took about 15 minutes to boot up, login etc. until getting to the desktop. It's almost impossibly slow to even do anything with or troubleshoot etc. Tried rebooting, and nothing, still very very slow. We were able to get it in safe mode to backup most of her files (though still extremely slow, 17 hours for about 30GB of stuff!!) After running numerous spyware/virus scans etc. and cleaning up the system, it's still very slow, so I have no idea what's causing it. Figured the only option now is to restore it. Well there are no previous restore points so the only option is to go back to factory.

Unfortunately her laptop did not come with a windows 7 disk (I guess this is common practice now) but we do have the original image backup we made when the laptop was brand new. Tried restoring from that and about halfway through a box popped up stating "system restore failed" because apparenlty a certain file was missing. After trying to click any other options or trying again it all came up with error messages and said to restart the computer. After restaring I tried restoring through Dell Data Safe Backup (or whatever it's called) and after selecting factory etc. it came up with something along the lines of "Not enough disk space to perform system recovery." This is highly unlikely, as she has over 300GB of free space. So now i'm trying to restore from those image disks we made again, and am crossing my fingures. Incase it fails again, (which I have a feeling it will) what should I do? Anyone have suggestions or tips? It's worth noting that I also have an Inspiron 1545, though a year older than hers, and it came with a Vista home premium CD, and I received a Windows & upgrade disk shortly after from dell as well. I'm just wondering if I could blow out her system and then just put a fresh install of Windows 7 on it, instead of messing around with this system restore stuff, which is obviously not going anywhere. Would I have to first install vista and then upgrade it? Also what about the security key thing? Would Microsoft flag it as there's another laptop (mine) running windows 7 with the same key? Or would it be possible for dell to send a disk and/or key, because it did come installed on the laptop after all.

Any help at all would be very very much appreciated! I have already tried figuring out how to contact Dell support but can't even find where to send an e-mail, if nothing comes up i'm gonna call them tomorrow.

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  • sluggishness can be hardware or can be software problem (malware infection)

    before doing anything I would reboot and run the extended hard drive Dell Diagnostics F12

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  • Ok thanks i'm gonna try that next, although it still concerns me that I can't even get this thing to restore to factory? Also thought i'd mention that my second attempt at restoring from the image disks failed again, it gave me a "file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" error.

  • Ok so I ran the Dell Diagnostics and it says the Hard Drive DST Short test was failed, error code 2000-0146. A quick google search seems to say that the hard drive is corrupted and has to be replaced. I assume this is the case and is the only option? If this is correct, how will I manage to install windows 7 on the new hard drive?

  • Here is a lthe corrective procedure for that error code.

    Remove and re-install the HDD. Run the Drive Self Test (DST) from the Utility Partition also known as the 32 bit diagnostics to determine if the previous error has been corrected. If the DST from the Utility Partition does not indicate a failure of the drive, we consider the error to have been corrected and the drive does not need to be replaced.

    Here is how to run the 32 bit diagnostics

  • Thank you very much for your input Bay Wolf, I tried looking on the net for solutions and didn't see that Dell article. Anyhow I followed the instructions and still the same error occured. The article recommends contacting Dell, unfortunately i'm in Canada and the technical support for Dell Canada is (or at least seems) not quite as "complete" as the one here. I suspect they'll just tell me the same thing as I already suspect, that I need a new Hard Drive?

  • It does sound like the hard drive needs replacing.  Dell warranties the battery for one year and I see that your sister's computer is just over a year old.  I would suggest contacting Dell and they may still replace it.  It has been known to happen.

  • Ok thank you very much Bay Wolf, i'll be sure to call Dell first thing in the morning, I'll probably be on this thread again asking about how to install windows 7 if Dell is no help. Thanks again both of you!!

  • In case you drop back in.

    Click Here for a Step by Step instruction for a Manual Reinstallation of your Operating System
    Manual reinstallation can be the most time consuming and difficult method of those available. You will reinstall the operating system directly from the CD or DVD, install the drivers, configure the OS, install critical and recommended updates, install your applications and, if available, restore backed up data files.

  • Well I called Dell and sure enough, my only choice now is to buy a new hard drive. Hopefull it'll be easy to install windows 7 on it. Thanks again for all your help!