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Dell XPS 15 L502x restore


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Dell XPS 15 L502x restore

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dell xps 15 l502x

hi every1 . new to the forum . hope this is the right place

so here's the deal

messed up my factory installed os bad with this program and that program and what not. wanted to restore it .

booted with the windows dvd provided and formatted my C:\   (os ) (i have a D:\ for data )

thats what i habitually do always . my previous experiences have been with custom assembled desktops .

to my major irritation . the windows dvd turned out to be bad . ill get it replaced soon i guess. it gave me error after expanding files went 100%

i had a usb pen drive with windows 7 ultimate so i used it .i dont really want to do this but . i want my factory restore . and as i research now  . its horrible that there is no way to do that unless u create restore disks or something ?

my previous experience with HP and LENOVO ( not favouring any1 here) . and they a paritition with recovery options which you can load up from bios etc. and do a FULL FACTORY RESTORE.

but with DELL u cant ? thats shocking me . everywhere on google it said that i press F8 to repair comp before windows starts . but since i formatted C:\ . boot data / bootmbr is already wiped now . so no dice .  right ?

 now i definitlely was able to browse ( after unhiding and giving a drive letter ) the RECOVERY partition of 17 gb.

there are 2   .wim files there  , 8 gb each . one called factory (i want this i guess ) . one called boot

i googled a lot !!!

its telling me to go do the imagex thing in windows setup repair . 

it gives me a message "The supported subsystem is not suppored in this something something ( if needed full and proper ill tell ) "

so im stuck . is there no other way to RESTORE my  .wim file to my C:\ .

seriously ? i cant reset this to factor settings . this must be a joke

someone please help

things that i have :

windows 7 ultimate bootable pen drive (4gb)

all the dell discs except windows reinstallation which is faulty now.

and internet !

i want pure factory restore and RECOVERY partition is intact and untouched . please help

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  • It would have been easy to use the PC Restore to get back to the original factory image before you formatted the driver.  That being water over the dam, you can check out this site to see if it offers any help.

    It gives instructions on how you can use the .wim file.

    Here is Microsoft's web page on it.

    I also came across this web site.



  • deeqfinch,


    Try reading...


    How to restore Dell factory image when PC restore does not work?








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  • thx guys .

    i really dont understand why i cant factory reset =(  . yea i formatted but i never knew a restore would be dependent on os parititoon it self . thats quite poor (even if user friendly ) .

    @Rick & @Bay Wolf

    the link is for old dells . who have imagex in recovery paritiotn . i dont . and i tried downloading it separate .

    it gives an error (The sybsystem............... one )  (thts why its now useless i guess )

    so im stuck . i guess i call dell and tell them to factory restore

  • When Dell ships out the computers with the PC Restore file, the ability to boot into the recovery mode is in the MBR.  When you format the hard drive, you change the MBR and thus remove the ability to use PC Restore.

    You should be able to use imagex to get the image file.

  • @ bay wolf .

    i realised that .

    when i do the imagex command from my usb disk booted windows setup

    i get this error

    "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present."

    like i saids in my original post.

    so thats where im stuck

    also i have googled heavily on this as well.

    so any other non-google-search way :( ?

  • I don't know if this will work for you, but it is worth a shot.  You can copy the WIM file to another computer and extract the files.

    I am just thinking outside the box on this one and I am not sure it will work.

    Install Windows on your hard drive.  Then use imageX to extract the files onto another partition and then copy the files over the temporary Windows setup.  You will need a second OS enviornment to do this copy.  You can't copy over files that are being used.

    Like I said, I don't know if this will work.  Just an idea.

  • @ bay wolf

    for obvious reasons . thats not viable . os installations arent as simple as copy paste .

    and ill give u 1 better . much better than copy paste

    i shrink the hard disk .

    free 20gb . created new partition .

    used a gui imagex tool from this windows 7 ultimate called gimaex.  put the dell wim file on that 20gb paritiotn

    created a manual Boot entry .

    tried to load that windows and it wont start .

    so i need something sure and solid .

    although i am losing hope and realising that dell people will have to come  and take charge here.

    i was out of town till january and i was hoping i could do this on my own . sad :(

  • Hi ,

    I think i understand your problem as i have also done the same thing and now i am unable to restore my laptop to factory setting. if you have got any solutions from this forum or from other sources, kindly help me in restoring my pc to factory setting. thanks in advance.

  • @priyabrat

    youre out of luck . dell is 1 step behind compared to other brands in this aspect.  you have no choice except to ask help from dell customer service ( which i did not want in my case) , they might take some time in this.

    i was never able to factory restore. and I am currently using my own windows.

  • tancks