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XPS 17 won't shut down???


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XPS 17 won't shut down???

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I'm baffled - my brand new laptop restarts every time I tell it to shut down. I tell it to shut off, it powers down then immediately starts back up. If I hit the power button as soon as it lights back up after power-off, it'll shut down but I shouldn't have to do this. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Does anyone know how to stop it? The laptop itself is fantastic and gives me all the horsepower I need, but this bug is really bothering me.

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  • I have a very similar problem with the brand new Dell XPS 17. I can not have it shut down. I saw the power options and tried to make pressing the power button to shut it down, but to no avail. Even Start > Shut Down does not do anything. Options to hibernate or sleep are working fine. I got it about the same time as the previous blogger but just did not have time to do anything but activate McAfee and update Windows.

  • I reset everything by removing the battery and letting it sit out for a while, and now it shuts down fine every time. It will not, however, go into hibernate or sleep mode. Kinda frustrating, but not as bad as automatically restarting every time.

  • I've had my XPS 17 for a year and experienced your problem for the first time yesterday.  It started when I awoke and found the fan running full speed when the XPS should have been sleeping.  The screen was dark.  It would not shut off even by holding the power button in for a long time.  I had to remove the battery and pull the power cord.  Then the only way I could start it was to hold the Fn button in and push the power button.  It's working OK now accept for restarting when it is supposed to shut down, regardless of whether I push the power button or use the start menu.  The power settings are OK.

  • Hi Tad Minor,

    You can follow the steps mentioned below to have the issue fixed:

    1. Release flee power from the system. Shut the system down, remove Battery and AC Adapter. Press and hold down the power button for 15 to 20 secs. Now connect the Battery and AC Adapter and start the system. Now check if the shutdown option works fine.

    2. You can Load/Reset BIOS defaults. Shut the system down, restart and keep tapping 'F2' key. This will show the BIOS screen. Select Load/Reset defaults and restart the system.

    3. If the previous options wont work, you can try updating the latest BIOS. You can download the latest BIOS from the following link:


    Please select the system model from the link and you will be able to see the BIOS download available.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know in case of any queries.

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