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my mouse doesn't always work


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my mouse doesn't always work

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lately  my mouse locks up and does not work. i have to reboot several times. i'm not ok with this...i had such issues with this laptop that i even purchased extra warranty. now i find out i can't even email support about this problem, so i'm not sure why i paid so much money for extra help that i'm not receiving. i can go to forums and chat rooms myself to do this and i can do that for free... (i apologize; i'm a little aggravated...)

so, has anyone else had this problem with their dell laptop (especially the inspiron 1545 that does NOT have the 'hot key' for disabling the mouse/mousepad...i wish it did!)? if so, how did you fix/correct it? or can it be fixed at all? 


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  • I guess with "mouse" and "mousepad" you mean your touchpad.

    >the touchpad can be disabled via Dell's touchpad driver/software but then of course you will need an external USB mouse.

    >if your touchpad locks up then either you have software or hardware related problem(loose cable connection for instance)

    Let's assume it's a software problem=>

    possible steps:

    >You wrote: "lately my mouse locks up"  - try using "Windows System Restore" and restore your system back to a time before the problem started.

    >boot into "safe mode" - same problem?

    >uninstall/install Dell's touchpad driver

  • of course i meant the touchpad as my computer is a laptop. i don't even bother using my wireless mouse anymore, but for the record, it won't work either. even if booting into safe mood doesn't result in the same issue, how does that help? what does that mean?

    'lately my mouse locks up' was a simpler way of saying:

    In the last month now, every time i "reactivate" my inspiron 1545 DELL laptop, whether it's from sleep or hibernation or shutdown, the touchpad does not work. i can't restart the laptop to get it to work. i must reboot completely 3 or 4 times before the touchpad will actually allow me to move/adjust/use my cursor.

    i don't want to restore this system back to any other time. that rarely works; it seems to cause more trouble. is that the only suggestion? i thought when i purchased more warranty to allow me support beyond the initial year, these types of challenges would be fixed by DELL. who do i contact about this?

  • >First of all: I am just a simple user - interested in your problem and we share the same laptop 1545.....

    >If you don't have the problem in "safe mode" then somethings wrong with your Windows configuration - some software that has been installed interferes with your touch pad drivers-maybe some programs running in the background or virus etc...

    In safe mode Windows operates only with essential system software - it might help to narrow down the problem-I call it troubleshooting.

    >Based on how experienced a user is Windows System Restore offers in some cases a simple solution.

    >If the problems turns up again reboot your system and press F2 at power up-this will open the BIOS menu.

    The BIOS is software too but programmed in one of the chips on the mainboard and completely OS independent:Can you use the touchpad troublefree? If not it's highly likely a hardware problem.Run Dell Diagnostics (F12) for more results.

  • I don't have answers for you, but wanted to share my problems.  I purchased a Latitude E6520 at the end of July.  Within 2 weeks, the touchpad was malfunctioning (I lose control of the cursor; it gets "stuck" on the right side of the screen; it will "float" around even when I'm not touching the laptop at all).  I would have to just shut down (via the power button since half the time I couldn't get the cursor to the Start button on Windows).  After numerous attempts over a couple months by pro support to fix the issue by changing settings, updating drivers, and removing the Dell Touchpad software, the whole keyboard was replaced.  Within a week of that, the touchpad was again malfunctioning.  Dell finally agreed to exchange the July laptop with a new one.  I've had this one perhaps 2 weeks, and I'm having the same problem.  And I noted that the Dell Touchpad software didn't even come installed on this one.  I've already emailed Dell and told them I want a full refund.

  • I'm having the exact same issue as the person above. The touchpad on this E6520 I just got is right now stuck on the right edge of the screen, and all attempts to move it from there are fruitless, it just jumps right back. Running the latest touchpad firmware from Dell... and this is a brand new system. I noticed this started happening when I couldn't scroll anymore, and after trying to scroll for 30s or so, the problem started.

  • A few more things that may help narrow things down:

    - I used the keyboard and after jumping around Dell's mouse settings managed to enable the pointstick (the blue nipple), which doesn't exhibit the problem.

    - I then turned off the touchpad, pressed Save, and turned it back on. Now it's working OK again. So it looks like resetting the touchpad this way makes it work again, but definitely shows there's a bug somewhere.