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Charger runs Laptop but does not charge battery??

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 I would love to know why Dell's chargers have been so bad these past few years and don't last, I've had to replace numerous chargers for our 5 laptops and again a "genuine" Dell original charger is giving us problems my daughter' inspiron and also when I tried it in  my XPS laptop (it will power the laptop but will NOT charge the battery) .. I don't know if they are specing out too low voltage or just supplying sub-par quality blocks..  But it is most definitaly a running problem, my other two daughter's 4 year old Macs have had absolutely NO problems since day one where 2 of our Vostros went through 4 and a Studio and a Inspiron has gone through one each!! Something is most definitely wrong here..

Note the batteries in both my daughters Inspiron and my XPS are new Dell batteries..

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  • guess I'm the only one having issues with Dell chargers??  

  • In reference to the charger working in the Inspiron notebook and not the XPS (will not charge the battery), if the charger actually charges the battery in the Inspiron, then I would guess that the charger in question is a 50 watt charger.  The XPS needs a larger wattage charger.  If it sees one that is not rated high enough, it will turn off the charging circuit and only power the XPS.