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turn on touchpad


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turn on touchpad

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My three year old grandson played with my laptop INSPIRON -M1050.  I was able to toggle to SYSTEM RESTORE to fix it but I do not know how  it was turned off in the first place.

Is there a button on the tool tabs f1 / f2 etc that turn the touch pad off and on... I need to know because I am sure this problem will occur again.

thank you

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  • You can turn on the touchpad through the touchpad/mouse software.  If there is a touchpad icon in the Taskbar, you can double click on it to bring up Dell's touchpad software.

    If you do not have the icon in the Taskbar, you can go to the Control Panel and double click on the Mouse icon.

    In there somewhere you can turn the touchpad back on.

    If you don't have that ability due to the software not being Dell's version, you will have to download the driver and install it.