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Dell Inspiron 1545 battery won't charge


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Dell Inspiron 1545 battery won't charge

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I've had my Dell Inspiron laptop for almost 3 years, now. I've recently replaced my battery adapter. The charger worked perfectly fine until I just updated the Windows Service Pack. After the laptop restarts, I get a message that the battery won't charge. I've tried system restore but it doesnt work. I use Windows 7 Home Basic by the way

it couldnt be the charger's problem because my brother has the same laptop and the same charger, which worked fine. I've tried my battery on his laptop, and it worked fine and also during the past month I've been using my new charger, it worked fine. I did some Googleing and people said I should replace the motherboard?


Dell, please tell me you have a solution to this or else this is probably going to be the last Dell product I'll ever buy and recommend to anyone

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  • I actually just had this same issues.  Had the Inspiron for almost 3 years and just purchased a replacement battery.  and the battery simply will not charge.  

    but from my experiences, GOOD LUCK getting any response that you can use from Dell.....


  • i had same problem but also have a studio 1558 if i use this charger even though its round it charges fine


  • I've got the same problem with a 1545 laptop I purchased for my son three years ago.  I've been using nothing but Dell computers for the my office and personal use for use.  I plan to replace all of the computers in our office just after thanksgiving and if I cannot find an acceptable solution through Dell, I'm sorry to say I'll be shopping with another vendor.

  • read DELL-Terry B's post

    and watch the video


    Power adapter (broken cable?) or power jack (loose connection?)  are often the reason for charging problems.

    Power jack of an inspiron 1545 is on a separate (cheap) daughterboard in case it needs replacing.