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Can't Find "i386" Folder or "winnt32.exe"...Where?


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Can't Find "i386" Folder or "winnt32.exe"...Where?

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I can't find the i386 folder and the winnt32.exe...

I want to reinstall the original OS of my Dell Inspiron 8600 but I don't have the Windows Xp Disk...then, when i searched google it said that i can reinstall my OS without the XP Disk...through the program winn32.exe...but i can't find it....anyone know why??

Please Help...THANKS

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  • SeanAdamieni,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Chances are this is not going to work and you will need to locate a WIndows XP disc. You can view the link below for instructions on installing xp without the disk.

    How to Install Windows XP without the Windows Disc

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  • Ctrl + F11 doesn't work either....I can't find the winn32.exe and the i386 folder....Am I not able to reinstall my original OS anymore?