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Inspiron 1545 hangs on classpnp.sys file when booting


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Inspiron 1545 hangs on classpnp.sys file when booting

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Hi, I am trying to fix my daughters laptop which hangs at the windows logo on startup, booting into safe mode hangs at the classpnp.sys file and last known good config hangs too. Has anyone seen this issue?

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  • Was just don't seem to be the only one with this problem-check out the first two posts given by the link.

  • Thanks, a few things to try there, will keep this post updated.

  • OK think I can see what's wrong. The Hard drive fails DELL diagnostics reporting Hard disk error cant read block 37157292 and a whole heap of other blocks, so I guess the disk is knackered? Problem number 2 is that my daughter didn't make any recovery disks so if I replace the hard drive I still need to rebuild the laptop, I can't see anywhere I can download these disks  from DELL , does anybody know how I can get them from Dell? I managed to boot to a linux cd and have saved all my daughters data so at least that's safe. I have tried booting to a windows 7 recovery disk I downloaded but it hangs at the same point I guess it's trying to write to the hard disk.  can anybody help??

  • It makes no sense to install Windows on a faulty hard drive.You did the right thing and tested the HDD - next step is to get a new one.

    Drivers can be downloaded here:

    You should actually have a "Diagnostics and Driver utility CD"......

  • No don't have any CD's thats one of my problems, MY daughter failed to make the recovery disks so now I can't even run recovery from the HD, I need the dell windows 7 disks to rebuild after I have changed the drive. Thanks for the link to the drivers though, pity dell dont stage the win 7 image for download after verifying you are entitled to it! any more thoughts?

  • There are additional  links from Dell user "natakuc4" on how to reinstall Windows from scratch - can't find them right now...