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connecting monitors through docking station


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connecting monitors through docking station

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How do I connect two external monitors to
my E6520 through the E-Port Plus docking station?
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  • I am assuming that you know how to put the notebook into the replicator.


    The E-Port Plus Replicator is set up for dual monitors.

    1 x display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)

    2 x display / video - DVI-Digital - 24 pin digital DVI

    Depending on your monitor, you just hook your monitors up to 2 of the 3 video connections.

    The two connections (White) to the far right are the DVI connections.

    The blue one is the VGA connection.

    Then you have to set up dual monitors in your video setup.


  • I understand this, but I cannot seem to purchase the correct connector to convert the VGA to DVI.

    i have purchased a connector that looks right, but on closer examination, on the connector are 4 prongs around the flat connector and there are no receptacles for these prongs on the dVI port on the docking station.  What now! or can you provide me the EXACT specifications for the connector?


  • You need the DVI-D adaptors (I had to order mine from China).  They do not have the four pins around the flat pin.  However: after receiving my new adapters I could not get the computer to recognize the monitors plugged into the DVI ports.  I have found NO support information on dell site or the web.  Major failure on Dell's part.  Dell: Please do not advertise features you cannot deliver.  

  • So I have the DVI-D connector,  I have a monitor connected to VGA and one to DVI, how do I get the Set-up to recognize that 2 monitors are present?  Everythin g I read is that this is not possible.