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Lost my MS Office 2010 Product Key


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Lost my MS Office 2010 Product Key

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I backed up and restored my lappy using Dell Data Safe to its Factory State. Now to use MS Office, i need to punch in the product key. Help me out how Dell can help me for the same????

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  • If you purchased MS Office with the system, the key should be on a card that came with the system - if you lost that, you're out of luck.  Microsoft won't replace (and won't allow OEMs to replace) lost keys.

    If it's the Starter edition of Office (ships with many systems for free), no product key is needed.

  • My Dell laptop purchased in 2010 still has the Office 2010 student and home edition installed and running on it. I do not have the product key with me. Now I am considering reinstalling windows 10 which it got upgraded to from windows 7 home premium.

    Now without the product key, will I be able to reinstall office 2010 after the laptop is cleaned up?

    Can Dell help me find the product key from my laptop? Is any other identifier required for this reinstallation of Office 2010?

  • You will need the key to reload Office - and neither Microsoft nor Dell can re-issue a lost key.  However, if Office is still installed, you can use a utility to retrieve the key.


    One example of such a utility above (that one doesn't install spyware -- some do, so choose carefully).

  • Hey EJN63, thanks a lot for the quick reply.

    I shall try using this utility to find the product key.

    I hope it will work with the reinstall. Now to find a iso for the office 2010.

    BTW if  I do a factory reset will Office 2010 that Dell installed for me remain in the laptop after it is reset? Will it go back to Windows 7 from the Windows 10 that it has got upgraded to?

  • Make sure you've made a set of Windows 7 recovery media -- if you install 10, the factory restore boot won't work.  And the Office 2010 that will be on the recovered system will be the trial - not the full version.