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erratic touchpad when AC charger is plugged


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erratic touchpad when AC charger is plugged

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Hi guys! i have a strange problem with my inspiron 14 N4050. When I plugged in the AC charger, the touchpad does not work properly. Sometimes it moves and sometimes not eventhough I have moved and touched the touchpad. When I disconnect the AC charger and reboot the system, the touchpad works perfectly fine. Can anyone give me advise on this? thanks in advance


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  • Hi Lordmanuel,

    Welcome to the Community. I suggest you remove the battery and the ac adapter from the system. Press and hold down the power button for about 15 seconds, then connect both devices and try working.

    I also suggest you update your touchpad drivers, below is the link.

    Thank you


  • Same problem with my old Inspiron 6400.  Brought home a newer Inspiron N4010 from the office and just by chance plugged it into the old charger that was already on the desk.  Same problem.  Tried the N4010 charger on both Laptops the touch pad works on both.  So I assume it is the charger that needs a replacement.  On all laptops we use Linux.

    Hope this helps!!


  • Same problem on Inspiron Q15R.  I have a second universal power supply...both cause the erratic mouse.

    A simple google search will show that this is a problem that is a couple of years old.

    Is there any 'real' answer to this problem?


  • Same issue here!  New laptop and new AC adapter.  What's weird with mine is that my touchpad is only erratic when my AC adapter is plugged in on one side of my house.  If I take the laptop and the same adapter and plug it into an outlet on the other side of my house, then it works fine.  Until I did a Google search and seen that there a lot of people experiencing this problem, I thought maybe my house power might be hosed up.

     Like everyone else though, when it's not working, it works fine all the time on the battery.

    Let me know if Dell ever decides to find the real root cause to the problem and fix it!

  • Cheers

  • Thank you Mr. "turn it off and turn it on" but that doesn't work

  • hiii my Dell Inspiron n4050 touchpad stops working when I plugs in the ac adopter

    what should I do

    and I had tried the process as described by Dell-Royan S

  • I have found this to be common with several brands of laptop, especially with the cheap Chinese adapters sold on Ebay. You can either use a USB mouse or try adapters till you find one that works. If the adapter came with the laptop, demand a new adapter from Dell. If buying another, try to get a genuine adapter made for that particular model. You may fix it by earthing some external component of the motherboard. For example, touching the serial port with one hand may earth it sufficiently for the touchpad to work but this is impractical. The problem lies with the design of the adapter. I recently had an Inspiron which had this problem with the PA-10 adapters sold on Ebay; correct voltage and current and even listed as suitable for this model. Only the correct model specified by Dell for this model laptop worked.

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  • erratic mouse pad problem with AC adaptor fix wosks for all computers that i had the problem on ACER

    some random DESKTOP DELL when the AC is on I found it may have been one of the auto start up 3rd party programs

    you just have to disable the programs that load at start up and I suspect it was a bug in (utorrent)

    i also expected it was the connecttion other some hiden ethernet over powerlines

    any way you just have to disable the start up programs and reset the computer

    or you can see how long you have control over the pad and see what program loads when you get erratic mouse pad

    that would be the one to heal any way join us on the

    channel #buzz or #security

  • Mine was erratic as soon as it was booted up to LINUX (version didn't make a difference).  At first I thought it was a software bug, but it turned out to be the non-DELL power adapter, brand name, "CBD", I had my e6400 plugged into.  If the power adapter was disconnected the cursor worked perfectly.  I had a second "CBD" and tried it with the same result.  Threw both away.  With a DELL power adapter everything works just fine.

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  • Hello, so I noticed the other replies, and maybe their solutions helped, but for anyone with this same problem that has not found an answer, & has Windows 10, try this:

    1. Open Task Manager (right click bottom bar in a blank space - same bar that has the time - choose "Task Manager")

    2. Under where you see "Processes" click "Name" to sort alphabetically.

    3. Find a process called "Rich Video" or something like that (I didn't get a good look before ending it). Right click on it and "end task."

    I have the original Dell adapter and had the same problem that you did. Only when I plugged it in would I get the erratic touch pad when using it. For some reason, ending that task stopped it. I just ended tasks till the erratic movements stopped and the "Rich Video" one was the one that seemed to do it. I looked up what it is, and apparently it's a normal part of Cyberlink, so it's probably not Malware, but I did see people complaining that it slows up your computer to almost a halt. That could be what was happening. I don't understand why the charger made any difference, but wanted to share what worked for me.

  • i know this is an older post, but it's worth answering. dell adds a chip inside their chargers that if not used will cause their laptops to NOT work properly with any other chargers. similar to what printer companies have done with ink cartridges. if you don't believe me just google it. very disappointing.

  • The issue is the grounding for the charger. I tested this myself with an asus Q200e. I lost the OEM charger and had to purchase another one. Once I began using the aftermarket charger, the erratic behavior began. The only saving grace is that the laptop is a metal body. So If I place my palms on the body and use the touchscreen or pad, the erratic behavior stopped. As soon as I removed my hands, it began again. You'll need to purchase a charger that is internally grounded or has a ground loop isolator built in. Otherwise, you'll have to find a way to ground the laptop while using the charger.