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Dell Vostro 1320| Blank Screen w/cursor after BIOS Update! (HELP!)


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Dell Vostro 1320| Blank Screen w/cursor after BIOS Update! (HELP!)

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Yesterday, I decided to update my BIOS to the latest version which is A08, my "laptop" was working normally before the update. After I was finish updating, the setup asked me if I want to restart my laptop or not. I clicked Restart Later. I continue my gaming for 5 minutes, then I restarted my laptop. When it turned on, I only see a blank screen with a cursor. I tried to run a Startup Repair, still no luck.

Fix that I have tried,
1. Run a Startup Repair.
2. Phoenix BIOS Recovery, no luck because the A08 BIOS is an .exe setup not .WPH,
3. I opened my laptop back, I cant find any jumper with pins.

I am only 12 and I know a little about computer, I really need help before my father come back from his trip tomorrow.
Please I tried praying and nothing happened   I really need help. 

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  • Ill die, bye.

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. Press the F12 key at the Dell logo on startup, select diagnostics and run an exended diagnostics on your computer. Post back with error code.

    Thank you


  • Royan, it is okay. I got too much stress trying to fix this thing. Ill build my own gaming rig.

  • Remove the battery, unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules and the hard drive.  Plug in and try powering up again.

  • I flashed the BIOS to A08 downloaded from Dell Support web, everything went OK but after reboot the system didn't started and LEDs reported a MotherBoard failure.

    I've tried:

    • Phoenix Recovery, from USB Pendrive and USB Floppy disk, with several ROMs, WPHs, etc.
    • Removing Battery, pressing Power for 30'', removing and reinstalling both HD and memory.
    • Disassembling the entire laptop, removing CMOS Battery for a while and reassembling it (took me 4 hours! )

    None of the solutions provided in this forum or others have been successful.

    Dell support has told me that the repair (substitution) of the motherboard will cost more than 300€ and I cannot spent so much money.

    I've been buying dell laptops, workstations and even servers for several years but this issue is going to change my mind: How can Dell provide software that practically breaks their devices?

  • Hey Royan,


    I have a similar problem with my Dell Vostro.. It was working fine till now, and when i turned it on..there's a blank screen with a cursor..I am not able to figure out the problem...


    I did F12 and went through the diagnostics. The error i got is:

    error Code: 0142

    Msg: error code 2000 - 0142

    Msg: Hard drive 1 - self test unsuccessfull  status: 79


    I would be really greatfull if you can help me in this..plsss

  • Hi ineedtofixit,

    0142 error code means a hard drive failure. Contact Dell Technical Support in your region for a replacement.

    Thank you


  • My laptop is out of warrenty now...should i contact them even then.

  • Hi Royan,

    Does that mean, if i install a new OS will it work properly...or should i be changing the hard drive itself??


    Please bear with me..i am not soo knowledgable about IT stuff

  • Hi,

    The hard drive needs to be replaced. Even if your out of warranty, contact Dell Technical Support in your region and speak to the Out of Warranty dept for a hard drive replacement.

    Thank you


  • Thanks a ton for guiding Royan..