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CD Drive won't eject

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Dell laptop 1555 won't eject my DVD.  No manual eject, only can eject disk by going Start --- Computer --- CD Drive, then right click to get eject option.  Disk tries to eject but is clearly stuck.  No clear way to remove drive.  Anyone have to deal with this?  Suggestions?  

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  • I have the same problem with my XPS 1530. A DVD-R got stuck, and now all I get are nasty noises when I try to eject it. There's no manual bypass, and no documentation anywhere. Help!

  • Same problem here. Here's how I fixed mine: I took the sharp end of a small safety pin & poked it all the way in, moving it around however I could, and then I hit the eject button several times, and it popped open! Hope it works for you.