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Hardware problems/XMATS32 TEST FAILED and need international number for Dell support from Spain.

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I have done a 'windows me memory diagnostic' check and it said 'hardware problems were detected,contact your manufacturer.

Also ran another Dell test and it failed on 'xmats32 memory compare fail'

Have noticed that it says their should be 2 hard drives but only one is showing up, next to the 'OS C drive' is a 'Q' drive which has 'microsoft office click to run' written on it but when i click on it it says'cannot access drive.

I am in Spain for 3 months and cannot find a tell number to phone Dell in the uk,dont want to phone the spanish line incase their english isnt good.

Any ideas anyone????????

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  • Model computer???  The Q partition is not a drive. It is the Click to Run partition on the single hard drive that is hidden. There is nothing wrong with the computer. Read about Office Click to run.

    Note--you cannot use older utilities on windows 7 computers or you will get errors. Windows ME is long dead. Remove that program if you installed it on your new computer.

  • Its a Dell inspiron 17R,6 months old,i remember there being 2 hard drives displayed and it says 'hard drives - 2' but only one is displayed.

    Dont know why its says 'hardware failure,contact manufacturer' and 'XMATS32 FAIL'???????