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mouse and trackpad not working (orange light above mousepad) on dell inspirion N1150 laptop

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there is an orange light above my mouse on the laptop, and the mouse will not work, only external mouses do. i am thinking this may be because i have been leaving my laptop on for excessive periods of time. any ideas?

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  • I actually was only here to find an answer, but the only thing I got was "you probably have a virus.. Download free @ -insert websites here" And I'm like "uh, that's kinda impossible when my mouse doesn't work.. So I had to find the answer.. I remembered that yesterday before I turned down the brightness, ipressed another button up there. Press FN and F3. That enables and disables the mouse button. (Why anyone would want it disabled is beyond me) But yeah, lol. Easy fix. *I just noticed this was posted over a month ago, hopefully you figured it out or at least didn't send it in and spend money :/
  • OMG thank you! I was freaking out. All is good now.
  • I know you posted this years ago, but in case you still get the replies: Thank you soooo much for posting that. Your post was the first thing I read when I started searching for answers! You just saved me hours/days of frustration!

  • Thanks! It kind of just made my day to see that my question helped someone else even this long after I posted it. Glad I could Help!