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Dell Vostro 3450 Graphics Issue


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Dell Vostro 3450 Graphics Issue

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A lot like the link above this text, I'm having issues with the said bios update and drivers.

The BIOS was updated to A07 perfectly fine and switching graphics works, but when I switch to dedicated mode, the driver inevitibly crashes after a while, the time it takes isn't set in stone, but it WILL crash the drivers eventually. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue, if so, how they resolved it or how I could resolve this. As I've seen posts of people saying they have managed to get it working, without crashes, even instances of overclockability, from ideastorm.

Any idea will be grateful.


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  • Nothing? :(

  • My Dell Vostro 3450 after update bios to A07, when use AMD graphics the screen sometime report "Display driver AMD has stopped respond and successfully recovered". How to fix it.?

  • Yeah, it doesn't help when you repeat my post in a thread already dedicated to try and get the issue fixed.

  • Bumping, if that's even allowed, I'm still having this issue and obv I don't want to phone up tech support as it's long winded and awkward.

  •            I also have the same proplem when use AMD graphic 6630 on Dell Vostro 3450 after undating bios to A07. I know that many people have this issuse with Dell Vostro 3450. After updating bios to A07, VGA AMD Radeon 6630 still doesn't work well on Dell Vostro 3450. How to fix it?