inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times on start up


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inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times on start up

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My Dell Inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times for 5 times in a row when I boot up my computer. I ran a system scan everything passed except it said to launch window memory test.

Did that and it also said it passed. Can anyone explain these beeps? I did a code search and have not been able to fing anything with 5 beeps, 5 times in a row.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • I am having the exact same problem and I am not able to figure out a way.
    Can someone please help?

    Thank you. 

  • 5 beeps usually mean cmos battery failure. Replace the coin cell battery


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  • Hello!

    Can you please tell me how did you solve the problem for I am having the same problem with my laptop. It keeps on beeping with 5 beeps in a row. The beep is louder on the boot screen and then it beeps with sound.

    Any idea how can I work this out?


  • I had the cmos coin cell battery replaced and it solved the problem.

  • i am having the same problem but sometimes it beep 3 times and sometimes 7 times...

    help me please i am damn worried

  • sarahinam

    3 times is usually a system board failure. 7 times is usually a processor failure. You can try replacing the processor first. If that does not solve your problem then you may need a new motherboard. You may just try re seating your processor and see what results you get.


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  • My dell inspiron n5110 beeps 5 times in single beep till "starting windows" shows when i boot up my computer.

    if i run my PSA it continuously beeps.

    i ran a psa test it did not show any error.

    after 2 months on runnig psa it shows error: 2000-0147  something about optical drive

    please help me.                                            


  • My dell beeps 11 times and sometimes just 5 times

    can anyone tell me what do 11 beeps mean?

  • Hi ermalyk,

    Please refer to the table mentioned below:

    Beep Code Overview
    BeepsDescriptionPossible Cause
    1 BIOS ROM checksum in progress or failure System board failure, covers BIOS corruption or ROM errors.
    2 No Memory (RAM) detected Memory or Memory slot failure

                         Chipset Error

    System board failure
    4 Memory read / write failure Memory failure
    5 Real Time Clock (RTC) power fail CMOS battery failure
    6 Video BIOS test failure Video subsystem failure
    7 CPU Cache test failure Processor failure
    8 LCD LCD failure


    Thanks & Regards
    Manshu S

  • could you help me, because i also have five beeps and i replaced my cmos battery with a brand new one and it is still beeping. what else could it be? it beeps loudly on start up, but once the laptop is on the beeping gets lower but it never stops..

  • Check for a stuck key on the keyboard.

  • nope no stuck keys :(