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problem with dell Latitude D630 hardware driver


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problem with dell Latitude D630 hardware driver

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im tring to format dell Latitude D630 and install windows xp .
after installation was completed, all the audio , network , display wasnt recognize and i have to install them manualy.
thing is that i dont know which type they are excatly and i thought to dl all bios , audio , network and display drivers from the site but all the driver here that available is files which are based on a network connection that suppose to connect to a server and dl the file, but as i mention i dont have a network right now. 

why there isnt a simple driver for download  ?

how im i suppose to use those network based file if i cant connect to the internet  ?

please advise ? 

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  • you're on the internet now otherwise you wouldn't be posting on this message board

    you've never heard of USB flash drives apparently

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  • I need driver