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Inspiron 600m - Restore w/o Disk


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Inspiron 600m - Restore w/o Disk

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Trying to help a friend who received an Inspiron 600m with a damaged HD.

Installed, partitioned and formated a WD 250GB HD.

Copied the files from the Restore Partition to a like partition on the new drive.

Can't Run autoexec.bat using BartPE.   I see the GHS and GHD ghost files in the IMG directory,

  and would like to preserve the copy of windows that came with it as the sticker/KeyCode is still on the bottom of the Laptop.

Any suggestions?


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  • First things first - the system won't support a 250G partition.  You CAN use a 250G drive IF you make a first, 120G or smaller partition on it for Windows.  Once you've got Windows installed, you can create a second partition for data that uses the rest of the drive.  If you try to use a single 250G partition for Windows, you will one day turn the system on and receive a "disc read error" and lose everything on the drive.

    If you have a copy of Symantec Ghost (or Acronis True Image - the paid version ) you can read and restore the gho file from an external drive.  

    Otherwise you need a Dell Windows CD and will need to do a clean install from the ground up (subject to the 120G BIOS limitation).

  • I have partitioned the new drive accordingly. Just wondered how to restore the Ghost image file to the C drive.

    I have Acronis True Image for WD, but not the PAID version. Did not want to have to pay Acronis, but rather pay for that then Symantec.

    Any other suggestions?


  • If you want to restore a ghost file, you're going to need the paid version of TrueImage or Ghost.

  • trueimage didnt' work - said the ghost file was not the last one.

    Either it can't use or read GHO files or the files were corrupted.

    Will try to install WinXP with a valid install disk , but not sure how to use the WinXP Keys on the bottom of the laptop.

    Any ideas?


  • First, you MUST use an OEM Dell disc - the key won't work with any other WIndows disc.  And since your Dell disc will be pre-activated, you won't even need the license key to do the install.