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Inspiron N5110 Windows Mobility Center Problem

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Can someone help me to give advice as my new laptop bugging me with the letter "x" keeps on typing automatically and it is really

annoying? Actually the problem came first on the windows mobility cente,r it always popping out when the laptop was being move

a bit. It was really annoying even i did not touch the button for windows mobility center. So i tried to find in the internet some solution,

i found and try by disabling it by windows regisry and the new problem arise which was the typing automatically of letter "x" which was

really irritating.


Appreciate your reply on this matter.




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  • I would first check to see if you have the problem using an external keyboard.  Just plug in an external USB keyboard and start using it, do you notice the problem with the X's.  If so then there is some program or application on your system causing the problem.  Think back to when the problem first started and see if there were any new programs or updates installed at the time.  If the problem started after you performed the registry hack then there may well be the problem with the Xs.  If possible you may want to run system restore if you have any restore points saved before performing the registry hack.

    If you don’t have the problem with the external keyboard, then it may well be that the X key itself is stuck.  We can look into replacing the keyboard. Shoot me a private message with the service tag of your computer, your name, your location, your shipping and email address and your phone number and I will see what can be done.


  • Hi Terry,

    Actually, even before there is kind of this problem with windows mobility center that once you have bump slightly the laptop then it suddenly pop out, that is why i wanted the windows mobility center to be totally disable or better to uninstall but i do not know how to do.


  • Windows Mobility is pretty much a part of Windows 7 now.  I am not familiar with any registry hacks that will get rid of it. I take it the problem happens even when using an external keyboard?


  • Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the advice, but i hope i can still manage to find the solution to the problem because i felt frustated because it was a new laptop then suddenly this kind of problem exist.

    I hope any one who experience it share at this forum.


  • If you feel it is a defective keyboard, shoot me a private message with the service tag of the notebook, your name, your location, your shipping and email addresses and your phone and I will be happy to research any service options available.


  • This is a  hardware problem. If you press the windows key and the X key simultaneously, it launches the WMC. That is the X connection. I think it may be  the WMC button is faulty. In my case it is more than annoying, it is taking about 10 minutes to type this. If I can find out how to disable the actual key, I will. When you disabled the WMC function, you probably got a lot more X's. If I have to send the unit in for an  extended period, that is not a good solution for me.

  • I too am having the same issue.  The Windows Mobility Center keeps popping up and I get x's when trying to type any messages.  So annoying and Dell Support had me restore computer to a previous date and it did not resolve the issue.  I am desperate for a solution as well.  Laptop is just over 4 months old.


  • For all of you that are still dealing with this problem here are a couple tests to determine if it is failed hardware.  Try safemode, start the system while tapping F8 and choose safemode, logon and see if the problem continues.  If you keep getting X's even though you haven't touched the key then you probably have a defective keyboard.

    You can also try diagnostics, start the system holding down the FN key or by tapping F12, allow the basic tests to complete, and then when prompted choose hardware diagnostics, select custom tests and keyboard test.  Typically the test will flash keys and will error out when it doesn't detect that the key is being pressed.  

    Try an external keyboard, don't touch the keyboard on the notebook at all, and type using the external keyboard.  If the problem goes away using the external keyboard it certainly implies a defective keyboard.

    If you do determine that it is failed hardware then I certainly suggest replacing the keyboard.


  • I don't know if this helps but I had the problem and finally got Dell to send a serviceman.

    I watched him  take the system apart as  he replaced the keyboard and motherboard.

    I asked him which component was defective he thought it was the motherboard. He said the

     keyboard had nothing to do with it. That if it were not the motherboard it would be an issue

    with the palm rest However he replaced the keyboard because the factory sent it. The

    problem was fixed but because he replaced both components all I can report is what he

    told me. However since I saw the system taken apart, I can tell you what he said made sense.

  • Thanks Terry.  The Dell Support person who called this last weekend disabled the Windows Mobility Center.  Now the light/key is not coming on or causing the window to pop up continuously.  I don't know if this is the proper solution to the problem.  The laptop has also randomly shutdown for no reason recently.  My daughter has to remove the battery, remove the power cord and hold the On button for 30 sec to get the laptop back on.  I can't help but feel both of these issues are hardware related.

  • Mom2ash

    Are you still getting Xs when you type?  Do you notice the problem happening when using an external keyboard.

    You can also check Windows Mobility by pressing the windows key and the X key together,  when you do this, does Window Mobility come up. You can also check in control panel, click on start, control panel and choose Windows Mobility, does it come up?


  • Hi Terry,

    Exactly i'm facing the same problem with 'x' is typing continusly.

    How can i send you the private message. I'm from india.

    My touchpad is not working and i have some hardware problems.

    How to contact service person.

    Please provide the details.

    Thanks in advance,


  • hey.... i have the same problem with my laptop. its really frustrating when i tilt the laptop a little the windows mobility centre pops up i cant get anything done. the laptop is about only 3 months old n im in east africa dont think i can get a serviceman this side. please help. the windows mobility centre button stays lit up, maybe if i cud personalise the buttons in that corner it woyld stop? please help. thanks.

  • Hello Bilderberg,

    I had the same problem with my DELL Inspiron. I had been going through this forum a number of times to find a solution. I called dell support. My DELL was still under warranty. I told them my problem. Through remote connection they tried diagnosing the problem - deleted temporary files and all that stuff. I told them that it was a hardware problem, but they told that no , it was some software issue.

    They asked me to format my laptop. At first I was some what reluctant since I was quite sure it being a hardware issue. But finally I did format my laptop. But the problem still existed. I called again. To surprise they told me that the format was not correct and you need to format once again. This time I was totally reluctant to do that and referred them to this thread. After going through it they decided to replace my palm rest and the keyboard.

    The palm rest and keyboard was replaced. The problem was solved temporarily for about 2 days. But it came up again. I had just two days left for my warranty to expire. I decided to open up my laptop myself (BTW I am a computer engineer). I analyzed the things properly.

    The problem was: The line (kind of bus, made up of some plastic and other conducting material) connecting the three shortcut buttons was coming in contact with a metal underneath it, thus making the Windows Mobility Center  to come up again and again (x's when disabled). This connecting line is attached to the palm rest. So what I did is that put a cotton ball between that metal and the connections of this line. This solved my problem.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the heads up.  Tried this on mine, used a different insulating material but the result was the same.