Inspiron 1440 over sensitive touchpad


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Inspiron 1440 over sensitive touchpad

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My Inspiron 1440 laptop running on Windows 7; I have always had the problem with the cursor jumping all over the place and sometimes it just deleted the whole of document by itself.  So frustrated to use.  I just found that it's a known problem as it happens to many of the other models.  Does anyone have a solution to fix it?  What does Dell Support have to say about this?  It takes me forever to type this message as it keeps jumping around wherever the mouse pointer is.  Any feedback is appreciated!



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  • Welcome to Dell Community

    I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    Please follow the below steps.

    1. Try enabling touchpad button on the keyboard.

    2. Upgrade the latest touchpad drivers from support

    3. Change the sensitivity settings for the pointing device from control panel –mouse –device settings –Dell touchpad

    New systems have added gesture features to the touchpad hardware and the drivers. A few of these features are two or three figure scrolling ,pinch zoom ,circle zoom ,rotate and swiping  These new features may  be the reason for the erratic cursor movement since most are turned  on by default .

    You can disable or modify the way the feature works in the touchpad drivers properties



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