Help clearing all data from Dell laptop before sale


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Help clearing all data from Dell laptop before sale

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop that is a couple of years old, originally bought at Best Buy. I decided to upgrade to a newer laptop several months ago, and have found someone willing to purchase my old laptop. I have moved/ backed up all the documents/ pictures/ music from the old Dell Inspiron. I want to delete everything that I added, but not restore to factory settings as it will uninstall the windows programs (word, excel etc) that I bought with the laptop originally.

Any tips to making sure I am not leaving any personal information on the hard drive when I sell it to a complete stranger. Thanks!

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  • As wiping the whole drive or partitions is not an option for you ,you might download "CCleaner" and use the function "wipe free space only"  - after you deleted your private data.

  • Use Dell PC Restore - it will include all software exactly as it was the day you first powered it up. Read this:

    "Available on many Dell™ Dimension™ and Inspiron™ computers, Dell™ PC Restore by Symantec™ is a hidden partition on your hard drive that contains an exact copy of your computer's original factory software. With PC Restore, you can restore your computer to the original state it was shipped in to you from Dell and in a fraction of the time a manual reinstallation would require. "

    Directions on how to use it:

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  • To ensure everything is removed you should wipe it with DBAN and do a clean install via disc. I have wrote a guide to do so below.

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    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • I agree that use of dban would be more secure, it would remove programs the user has said he did not want to remove.

    Is it possible just to use eraser on the main partition and then still use the Dell PC Restore to put everything back to the way it was on day one?

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  • Put a new hard drive in.  Or use white canyon wipedrive.

    Wipedrive with system saver will allow you to not reinstall.

    Erase Hard Drive Data with WipeDrive

    The purpose of WipeDrive and WipeDrive System Saver is to permanently erase hard drive data so that it cannot be recovered. Erasing hard drive data is neccessary for:

    • When you are donating or throwing away a computer
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    Which is Better? WipeDrive or WipeDrive System Saver?

    It depends on how you want to erase your hard drive.

    In summary, if you want everything permanently erased from the hard drive, use WipeDrive.

    If you want everything (documents, pictures, etc) but you want your operating system and programs left intact, you should use WipeDrive System Saver to erase the hard drive. In fact, WipeDrive System saver is the only erase hard drive tool in the world that completely overwrites all your data but can leave the operating system intact!

    Use WipeDrive in these Circumstances

    • Throwing away an old computer
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    • You want everything removed, including the operating system

    Use WipeDrive System Saver in these Circumstances

    • You don't have all of your program CDs or activation codes
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    • You want to save time by not reinstalling Windows and other programs

    Results of Using WipeDrive

    If you are throwing away an old computer and need to securely erase hard drive information then WipeDrive is the solution for you. WipeDrive will completely erase hard drive data - meaning there is absolutely nothing left on your computer when it has finished running. When your computer is turned on after using WipeDrive a black command screen is all that appears. There is no data left.

    Erase Hard Drive: Wd Before After

    Results of Using WipeDrive System Saver

    If you want to erase hard drive data, but leave the operating system and programs intact, WipeDrive System Saver is the solution for you. WipeDrive System Saver will completely erase hard drive data and give you the option of leaving valuable programs like Windows and Microsoft Office intact.

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    Erase Hard Drive: Wd Before After

    Comparison of WipeDrive Solutions:

    Wipedrive Tiny
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