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Dell Vostro V131 Fingerprint reader software


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Dell Vostro V131 Fingerprint reader software

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Hi there,


anyone got lucky obtaining a finger print reader software.

the downloads in the website has only driver and no software associated with it.

I was able to get hold of validity sensor's website and downloaded the software but the disclaimer said the below.

Installing this software on a system with a supported Validity USB fingerprint sensor will only enable Windows 7 logon functionality. This application does not support  web and application passwords.


true to its words, it just did not support web and application passwords.  tried various 3rd party tools such as "protector suite 2011" and and "digital persona'

Can you please help me find a software that supports web and application passwords.



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  • I have the Vostro V131 through my work and have been successful getting Digital Persona v.5.3.252a to work with Windows Logon and IE9.  No other browser or application seems to be supported by Digital Persona.  I have also ran into an issue with the hardware not being recognized all the time and not responding when it is recognized.

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