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New N5110 Will NOT Wake Up from Sleep Mode


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New N5110 Will NOT Wake Up from Sleep Mode

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My daughter's brand new 15R (N5110) is a very nice system except for the sleep/resume behavior.  We configured it to sleep when the lid closes - which it does.  The problem is that we can't get it to wake up from sleep.  Hitting keys, pressing the power button for 1-2 seconds - nothing wakes the thing up!  We've researched this a bit but haven't found anything helpful.  What are we doing wrong?

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  • Patrick

    Does the notebook come on at all anymore?  What do you have to do to get the system to start, if anything? When the computer goes to sleep what does the light for the power button do?  Does it waver on and off, stays lit, or shuts off entirely?

    Typically in Windows 7 if you tell it to sleep, it will stay "asleep" for a period of time and usually then go to hibernate.  Hibernate saves all the data on the screen to the hard drive and then basically turns off.  So the next time you start the system, you are basically powering up the system from a cold start, only Windows will load the saved screen info and load that. Simply pressing the power button and releasing immediately should turn the system on, or resume it from standby, if you have not tried that, give it a go and let me know if it powers the system back on


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  • Hi Terry:

    Thanks for your reply.

    The system won't come back up at all after closing the lid OR putting it to sleep from the START menu.  I have to hold the power button down for the 7-10 seconds required to completely power it down then power it back up.  I get the boot screen that tells me Windows didn't shut down properly and it finally comes back up.  The Power button is solidly lit when I open the lid, as is that button on the upper right - the screen with the line through it - but hittong the power button then letting go immdeiately has no effect.  The system just sits there - no disk activity, nothing.

    Very strange and not what I'd expect.  I've had many laptops and love the sleep on lid closure feature (WinXP, Vista).  This is new behavior to me.  I'm sure it's something stupid I'm doing, configuration-wise.  Windows 7 is fine but different in many small but important ways.  I just need to learn.

    Thanks again -- looking forward to your next reply.


  • Try changing the Power Settings especially What to do when shutting the lid, etc. Check all the Advanced Settings of the preset scheme to see what you want to change. You can always reset to the defaults. Since this is a new computer, I'd contact Support directly in case it's a hardware problem. Type Power in the Start Box for quick access to the settings.

  • Hello Patrick

    This isn't a problem with the notebook coming on at all then.  What it seems is that when placing the notebook to sleep it is actually hard locking the computer. The next time that you place the system to sleep, check to see if the power LED is lit up at all, or blinking before pressing the power button to start the system.

    If this only happens after placing the system to sleep, then I don't believe that it is anything that you are personally doing yourself. I am thinking that it is some utility or program that is still working when you place the notebook to sleep. This doesn't have to be a program that you or your daughter actually started, it could be something that runs automatically in the background, so you can't tell if it is running or not when you place the notebook to sleep.

    What I suggest is going into msconfig, click on start and do a search for msconfig.  You may have to choose run as administrator when starting it.  Once in msconfig click the services tab and make sure that "hide all Microsoft services" is checked.  Then click disable all, this should hide the needed ms services and disable all the other services.  Then click the start up tab and click disable all, this should uncheck all the startup programs.  Click ok and allow the notebook to be restarted. This should give you about a clean an Windows environment as possible.  Once back up into windows go ahead and close the lid to place Windows to sleep.  The see if you are able to resume the system from sleep with no problems.  If you are able to do so then you know it was one of the services or startup programs that you disabled in msconfig that is causing the problem. I really don't suggest msconfig as a fix, but as a tool to find out the offending software, you can use process or elimnation using msconfig to find the specific program that is causing the problem if you really like the ability to place the notebook to sleep by closing the lid. If you don't want to investigate the specific program then return to msconfig and change it back to normal mode. You will at least know that it is just a program that is causing the problem and not a driver or failing hardware.

    If you continue to have the problem then you may be looking at a driver that is causing the system to lock up,  I suggest going to and updating the system drivers and see if that helps.

    I also suggest running diagnostics just to make sure that there isn't any failing hardware.  Start the system holding FN, or by tapping F12 and choosing diagnostics.  If you receive any errors please be sure to report back here.


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  • I have an Inspiron 1525 with VIsta.  My system went to sleep, and never woke up.  When I hit the on button, the hard drive light comes on and flashes the leds across the screen like it should, then goes out and that is it.  No boot up, no hard drive light, nothing.  I can remove the hard drive and access it through an outboard device, but cannot load the os on the laptop.  Real bummer.  Can you help?


  • You should have posted a new question. Have you tried removing the battery and using the adapter alone to test for a dead battery? If the adapter alone works, replace the battery. If it doesn't work, it could be the adapter or a motherboard problem.

  • I have the same problem - closing the lid or manually this laptop to "sleep" makes it UNABLE TO WAKE UP!  The only way is to force a shut-down and then you get the black error screen.  This question is in multiple help forums on the web... but with NO answer! :(

  • Hello Patrick, i've had exactly the same problem and managed to fix it, however i'm not sure if it would work in your case but at least give it a try...

    I've reinstalled the Nvidia Driver again and disabled any sharing of pictures, printers etc. from "Network and Sharing Centre-> Homegroup Sharing Settings "

    and now it works, hope you manage to fix it.

    Good Luck! 

  • Thanks for your reply and for sharing your fix to this vexing problem.  I'll give it a try - and let you know if it works in our case.  Again, much appreciated.


  • I've had my Dell inprion N1550 for less than a day and it is doing exactly the same thing. I close the cover and when I open it the screen is black but the power is on. The diplay on/off button is lit even though I didn't press it. If I press the display on/off to try to get the screen on nothing happens. Pressing the keybord or touchpad also does nothing. I finally press the power button for at least 10 seconds and it shuts off the laptop. From what I understand, this kind of shutdown is bad for a hard drive. If this continues to hapen, I will return the laptop, this is too much trouble for a brand new laptop. Any quick fixes for this?

  • No, there is no quick fix for this.  At least none that I know about.  I have not focused on this issue in a few weeks but will try to get on the phone with Dell Support this week to try and get to the bottom of it.  Very, very strange issue that I've never had on any Dell laptop system in the past.  Never.

  • I have the same problems. Any tips on the solution?

  • No tips yet - I've tried a WHOLE BUNCH of things that various people suggested but nothing has worked so far.

  • I have my laptop for 6 weeks now, I also reported this issue at Dell, I let you know when they come up with a solution

  • I have a solution from dell!! and it works

    There are some windows services that prevent the laptop from going into sleepmode It is in dutch but there is probably an english version too

    The title is clean start from Windows 7