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Inspiron Mini 910 - Upgrading to a Larger SSD Hard drive


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Inspiron Mini 910 - Upgrading to a Larger SSD Hard drive

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Hi All,

I have a Dell Inpsiron Mini 910, which currently has a 16 GB SSD hard drive. The computer has Windows XP Home SP3 installed. I am seeking to upgrade the current hard drive to a larger one, because the hard drive is almost full, with only about 1 GB free space. This computer belongs to a lady I work for.


In this case, using an external hard drive to "supplement" the available storage space is not a viable solution, since the owner wishes to be able to store a large quantity of historical e-mail on the computer, so as to be able to refer back to past e-mails.   Microsoft Outlook 2007 is being used for e-mail.   The lady is a heavy user of e-mail, and the Outlook data file (.pst file) she wishes to store on the hard drive would be around 7 GB in size.   Currently, she is opting to not store the large quantity of previous e-mails (which stretch back over about 5 - 7 years) on this computer's hard drive, because there is insufficient space to do so.   She has another computer, a desktop, which has all the old e-mails stored on its hard drive.


I want to ask what larger size of hard drive (than 16 GB) does the Inspiron Mini 910 support?   Are there particular brands/models which people would recommend?   I have read elsewhere in these forums accounts of people successfully installing a 32 GB drive into one of these computers:


I have enquired about this with Dell Technical Support in my country (Australia).   The people I contacted there were not able to help me with this.   They told me they have not tested the Inspiron Mini 910 with any hard drive larger than 16 GB, and so are unable to advise me as to whether this computer can support any hard drive larger than 16 GB.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Peter Selig

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