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Windows 8 drivers for Latitude XT


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Windows 8 drivers for Latitude XT

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Where are the Windows 8 drivers for the Latitude  XT?  The buttons on the face won't work without drivers, and the Windows 7 drivers will not load.

- John

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  • Windows 8 Final isn't released yet, doubt you are going to find any drivers for it until it is.

    Philip Yip


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  • I was itching to try the Windows 8 deb build on my Latitude XT. Does the touchscreen work, at least?

  • You'll have to try to find out.  Given the way it's gone for touchscreens and newer versions of Windows, my guess would be no - certainly not at full functionality.

  • The touchscreen works, but the buttons (to rotate screen etc...) do now.  Also the graphic driver is generic and won't do the full native resolution (and looks really bad).  I installed an old graphics driver but it doesn't work.  Dell has had builds of Windows 8 for months now, there is no excuse for them not to have drivers out.

  • Do not I mean... (now now)

  • Do not I mean (not now)

  • You're kidding right?  You expect Dell to release drivers for a beta operating system that is well over a year from even seeing release?

  • You will have to try Windows Vista or Windows 7 drivers.  Since 8 is beta there are not going to be any WIN8 drivers available on the dell site.

    There is probably a "compatability mode" for Vista/7 drivers.

    Also there is an F8 bypass that you will need to to to allow unsigned drivers to be installed.

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  • You really can't expect drivers now, or ever, really. This is quite an old laptop at this point.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 preview on Dell XT

    To solve the multitouch issue, install a program called universal extract. In your c:/dell folder, find the appropriate n trig driver and right click. Select uni extract exe. Once completed you will have several files, however there is a folder called x64. Select it, and within the folder is the file DPInstall. Run as administrator, and the drivers will work - multitouch included.
    Don't delete the extracted files. You may need to calibrate the n trig driver - and that file is included.

    Also, from pre alpha builds, you will notice the sound goes off. Just reboot your computer and that should fix the issue. I'm running a dell xt2 with multitouch and the experience couldn't be better
  • Hi John,


    I Installed Windows 8 release version.

    Multitouch worked right away. Although i Installed a shortcut to the callibration tool that comes with the win 8 driver on the ntrig site. Sometimes i lose calibration when flipping the screen. Finger registration becomes erratic. Running the calibration tool makes everything work normal again.

    Had to fiddle  with the video driver. Tried different versions. Ended up with legacy driver from amd. Running with native resolution now.

    The search for the button driver was hardest. But got that working as well.

    Install the dell quickset drivers For vista. Go to the desktop interface. Then right click on the the quickset icon in the taskbar notification area. Chose: Enable buttons.


    Hope it works for you as it has for me.


    Groetjes, Diederik

  • Install the quickset drivers For vista. Go to the desktop interface. Then right click on the the quickset icon in the taskbar notification area. Chose: Enable buttons. Cheers Diederik