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Inspiron M5010 - 7 beeps


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Inspiron M5010 - 7 beeps

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I've been searching and am unable to find any solid information.

Dell M5010

7 beeps on startup - no pattern

Blank screen

Reset Bios battery - Reseated Hard drive and Memory

Anybody seen this before and has a solid solution.  Thanks

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  • I just spent over $110 replacing the CPU and hard drive on my M5010 and I still get a totally black screen and the 7 dreaded much as I love my Dell I won't buy another one. The last one I had crashed to the ground after 2 years as well. I'll stick with HP from now on, thank you very much.  Crying

  • i can fixed of that problem, dell inspiron m5010 seven beeps, two capacitor will replace at the m-board.. it cost 100 dollars...

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  • Hi,

    A 7 Beep code indicates that the Processor/Motherboard has gone bad, how old is the system ?

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  • I believe about 2 years old.

  • Well its mainly the motherboard that is unable to communicate with the processor, sometimes re-seating the processor would help.

    If you are unable to do so, i hope you are covered under warranty cos this is the time you would be needing it.

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  • Thanks for your help.  I'll try reseating the processor.  

    It is out of warranty and yes I already looked at the prices on new motherboard and/or processor.  

  • Glad to help, although its highly unlikely for the processor to go bad...

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  • Dell Inspiron M5010 Laptop Microsoft Windows 7 32bit driver

    or 64 bit driver. you re install vga drivers. good luck

  • That's kinda dumb. How can you expect some one to reinstall software when the system won't boot?

  • I have the same exact problem on the same model.  Really looks like a poorly designed or badly assembled motherboard.  Would think Dell would assist with this issue!  I know that they extended the warranty for the motherboards on other models (personal experience) when a similar think happened!

  • I, too, have the exact same problem with my Inspiron M5010 - less than two years old. I didn't purchase an extended warranty. Has anyone had success with Dell assisting with this?  I can't believe they are making laptops that can't even make it two years.

  • I have the same model and my laptop is two years old almost to the day.  I get the seven beeps, and now after reseating some connections, I now get a 3 beep code instead (bad motherboard?).  I have a sneaky suspicion that my laptop just burned up....

  • 7 beeps for me too. This was after two years of fighting the laptop locking up multiple times a day for 30 to 60 seconds at a time. Multiple calls to support and just wasting way too much time on the phone without a fix. Guess i'm an idiot because i just tried calling support, talked with someone in India and they told me Windows needs to be reloaded and to get the CD that came with the computer. So Dell support members online saying its a processor and remote support saying 7 beeps means lets try ten things to waste more of my time. Not hard to figure out why Apple stock is over 30 times higher than Dell.

  • Same problem at two years and three months.  This laptop never moves, it sits on a desk from the day I bought it.  The only movement it gets is opening and closing the cover.  Dell assures me that they put out the highest quality products and this is a warranty issue.  Of course it is a $168 extended warranty buy up issue.  How can something of the highest quality sitting on a desk be working one day and then not the next.  This is my first Dell laptop and I guess my last.  For $168 to repair it the thing is a throw away because I wouldn't invest that kind of money into something that failed after two years.  I've had plenty of HP laptops work and home and the worst thing that ever happened was replacing a battery because it got too old.  I can't figure out how to find someone at Dell to try to get this point across to so that they will do the right thing and fix this thing free of charge.  Ugh, I am so disappointed...

  • Bad motherboard. I fixed my laptop on ebay.

  • it's not the motherboard . it's two chips on the board that needs to be reflowed they broke contract with the borad

  • they can be fixed it coast around 150 dollars