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Latitude E6500: losing rubber feet = replace entire base plastics! Ridiculous.

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I must vent.

We have a Latitude E6500 with some rubber feet missing. The system is under warranty, but in order to get the feet replaced under warranty we're told we have to send it in.

Our tech: "Problem Description: This unit has lost some of the rubber "feet" from its base.  Can we please get some replacements?"

Quoting Dell's reply:

Unfortunately for this issue, the entire bottom plastics needs to be replace.  The system's active service contract covers the repair, however, we need to send the system to a depot for the replacement.  The turn around time for the dispatch is 7-10 business days.  We can send you the box with the return waybill in 1-2 business days.

In every other instance like this (Inspirons and Latitude D series), we've been simply directed to the spare parts department or otherwise got a bag full of replacement feet at little or no cost.

Best SKU I could scare up was K226D, but without a photo on the web site I'm rather baffled if I'm looking at the right thing.

Anyone else get this runaround?

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