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Dell PhotoStage and Dell Stage Remote keep Crashing


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Dell PhotoStage and Dell Stage Remote keep Crashing

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Hi. Have a brand new XPS 17 .Out of the Box PhotoStage and  Dell Stage Remote keep Crashing .After a few seconds of running the apps crash. The erros says: Dell PhotoStage has stopped working . Same for Dell Stage Remote .
Ideas anyone? 

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  • I have the same problem with Photostage. It keeps saying Dell Photostage has stopped working and has to close the programme. Got my XPS 17 in August. No idea whats causing it but can't even update the reqired update before it crashes again, very annoying!! Help!!

  • Had dell support for 1.5 hours on line with me .They uninstalled and re worked for 6 minutes after they hang up.Decided not to bother and waste time. Deleted all dell pre installed stage garbage.At the end of they day they serve no serious they?If dell support reads this post I would be happy if they would seriously take responsibility and fix the issue, but not on the expense of our time!

  • I have also wasted a lot of time including rebuilds from emergency partition trying to get Dell Stage working properly while commissioning a new XPS.  I am sure that I am not doing anything wrong; if I am doing so then it will have been a perfectly reasonable user error that resilient software should handle with ease. It is just useless flaky software. I suspected at one stage that the problem was with that annoying accu weather gizmo that is launched by stage. Now I am not so sure.

    Dell Stage yet again raises the issue of added 'devalue software' that all manufacturers seem intent on providing to the detriment of their reputation.

    I am now going to uninstall it.  I believe that there are two other bits to uninstall with it.

    I wonder if it can be reinstalled if and ever Dell make it work.


  • Hi There. Sure you can, but why waste the time. Dell has failed seriously by  pre installing these apps without testing. Furthermore.. they have had so many complaints and failed again by not doing a single act to fix it. They just seem not to care…In any case there are plenty of more reliable apps out there you can use.

  • I am not wasting my time by uninstalling a piece of unnecessary fragile software. I previously blamed myself and tried to fix the problem myself. I now realise that the software rather than myself is at fault.

    To be more constructive ; are there any issues about uninstalling Stage. Please be aware that I may have misundertood the main topic of the thread. I am referring to the subject of Dell Stage.

  • I, too have had the same problem "out of the box"  I call Dell technicial service, they worked on the computer for about an hour: uninstalled and reinstalled and changed some settings.  I thought it was fixed... crashed in about five minutes.  Called back the next day: The technician said that it was Kaspersky and talked me into using Mcafee, this took about an hour and the technician told me that this would solve the problem. One minute later it crashed again!!

    I called Costco and spoke to someone that handled these problems.  the guy said that many of the dell computer purchasers were complaining about the same issue.  I really wanted this computer, so, I thought I would return it and re-purchase another one.  I did and received it today!  I pluged it in and Bam!  Got the same error message from "Photostage"  So now I'm back discussing this problem with the technicians... they say they haven't known of any other users having these problems! ( this is a lie)

    So, my conclusion is: Dell is very aware of this problem and they are simply ignorring it!  They're not going to fix it or stop sending it out in their Bloatware.  I've decided to put Dell on notice: I will simply keep purchasing and returning any computer that isn't working properly!

  • Braas

    ....  I've decided to put Dell on notice: I will simply keep purchasing and returning any computer that isn't working properly!

    And you are so right! I wish I would have done this when I got my XPS...Just to make the point

  • ...On another note. All users with this issue should get together and during 24-48 call in for support all stating the same issue exactly.Let's see Dell handling that one.. :)

  • Thank you all for writing about this problem, I thought it was only me!  Actually, I only have problems with PhotoStage crashing, the other elements of Stage seem to work fine (phew!) so I'm keeping it for now. In all my exhaustive/exhausting research on this problem I did see one thing (don't remember where) about Dell coming out with an upgrade to this program in December, and that allegedly will fix the problem. It's mid-January and haven't seen it yet.

    While I agree some of this stuff is Bloatware, I actually do like Stage, except for the crashing. Have other stuff that I don't want though. Delete it and it keeps coming back, ACK! 

  • I agree totally.  We got our XPS 15 in Nov 11.  We only have problems with photostage craskhing, and we like it.  What does it take to get Dell to fix it?  Dell, wake up and smell your sales going to Mac.


  • Just to let you know: when I posted the first complaint about three months ago, Dell assured me that they woud be working on a fix for this problem, and as soon as they had it, I woud be contacted or the update would be installed automatically!  As of today, I'm still having the same problem with "Photo Stage"

  • Hi. I wrote the above expression of this Photo Stage problem in mid-January. By the end of January I had a problem with my computer's motherboard (which ended up having to be replaced. Grrrrrrrr since I just got my computer for Christmas, but anyway....) So while Dell tech support was trying to diagnose that problem, one thing they did was download a video driver. That ended up fixing my Photo Stage problem (huh!), even though it certainly didn't fix the motherboard problem.  

    I'll try to describe where this driver is:  If you use the Dell support connection available through Stage it brings up a list of support items. Click on Drivers and Downloads. If you've used this service before then you would have previously entered your Service Tag number (which is on the bottom of your computer). With this, your computer is already set up on their website. If you hadn't done that before you can do it now, it's easy enough.

    When I look at what comes up for mine, there are ones that I think are specific to my computer, but there's a tab next to that for "All Files". Click on that. On the bottom of that list are downloads for "Video". Mine comes up with 4 drivers/downloads, dating back to between June and Sept. 2011. (Since my computer is newer than that I don't know why they weren't downloaded by Dell already. Or why they're not automatically downloaded. Whatever; it appears you have to do it yourself. I feel like I need a degree in Computer Science to know I'm supposed to do this stuff. Ok, enough complaining....)

    When I was on the phone with Tech Support they remotely took over control of my computer and downloaded one of those video drivers, the one that fixed my Photo Stage problem. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to which one they downloaded, but I think it was the Intel Driver. Or perhaps the nVidia driver. Can't hurt to download them all I guess, since they're recommended downloads anyway.  

    BTW, I think when you do downloads you then have to go into Explorer to the Downloads section and unzip them yourself before they actually download to your computer. Another thing you'd think that should be automatic but isn't.

    Sorry I wasn't paying attention to what specific download it was, I didn't expect it to fix the Photo Stage problem or I would have paid more attention so I could report back to you all on this problem I previously complained about. At any rate, I do know it was a video driver. So this is the only fix I can recommend. Good luck!  

  • Hi All

    I followed the instructions above. Installed the new NVIDIA driver Video_Nvidia_W74_A10_Setup_RXD7P_ZPE ...And the Photo Stage worked.It also upadted it self.

    I have the XPS 17 L7201X ...So is this now solved?  hope so..
    Thank you all for the help