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DELL INSPIRON 15R : DELL FACTORY RESTORE IMAGE not available in the Recovery Options Window.

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I would appreciate it if anyone here can help me out in restoring my system to the factory settings using the SYSTEM RECOVERY PARTITION (E: in my case).
The problem is that when i Press F8 and get to the System Recovery Options Window, there appears no option for Dell Factory Image. The other options that it shows up are

System Image(not created by me ) or

System Restore Or

Start up Diagnostic

and two more that i dont remember, but they do not really point to a DELL FACTORY IMAGE RESTORE as I have tried all of them.

Please respond as soon as possible.

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  • The drive letter is not the actual location of the data.  Dell Vista and WIN7 drives have a 50 meg diag partition, then a 12 gig Recovery Partition and finally the Rest of the Drive which is the boot partition.  If no opiton is found then the recovery option is gone.  The new Dell Datasafe 2.0  Backup cannot be cloned because the Recovery Partition is an Encrypted NTFS Drive.

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