n5110 hdd led lights constantly + computer unresponsive


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n5110 hdd led lights constantly + computer unresponsive

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I have a DELL N5110 i7 with 500GB SeaGate harddrive with Intel SATA drivers installed (iastor) since 2 month.

Since 2-3 weeks, after booting laptop/opening device manager or simply randomly the hdd led lights up constantly, and running software become unresponsive for around 1 min. (mouse/keyboard works ok)

I have the latest drivers installed from Intel website ( Strange that this occurs only mainly once after boot, but sometimes it comes randomly, however when I open dev. manager or ahci controller properties it always happens.

In the eventlog I see volsnap/iastor timeout messages often.

Is this a hardware or software reletad problem? Does anyone met the same issue? (Should I backup datas because hdd is dieing? :O )

Thanks for your reply in advance,



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  • By the way I have the latest BIOS A07 and Win 7 Home 64bit OS.

  • Ok, the harddrive had bad sectors (chkdsk + SeaTools), it will be replaced under warranty period. Smile