Function keys problem on Windows XP Dell Inspiron N5010


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Function keys problem on Windows XP Dell Inspiron N5010

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Hello.  Sorry for bad English I am from Russia. Recently I bought Dell Inspiron N5010 and for some reasons I need Windows XP on It. I installed (without errors) Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 32-bit. I installed all drivers from official sites with the help of this topic ( But there is a problem with some Function keys: brightness (F4, F5), touchpad hot key and other "white" Function keys (they do not work even Fn key put on/off). There is neither image indication no result or effect by pressing them.


I tried to solve this problem by myself. I installed the last version of bios(A15) for my laptop and tried to find something there. No result. I installed the last driver for my Mobility Radeon HD 5650, it installed without errors and work good now. No result with brightness. I thought that the problem can be with Dell QuickSet application. I can not insall it, because there is no version for this model for Windows XP. I tried other versions of Dell QuickSet from that should work on Windows XP. But of course it is not for nspiron N5010 and it just does not install. I made some other manipulations with Dell Quickset for my Inspiron N5010 and for other models but I am not too clever to do something. So no result. But there is an interesting fact. On Windows 7 brightness keys works without Dell QuickSet (no image indication of course). It works if just ATI AMD Catalyst driver installed. But in XP there is no way brightness keys works. Of course there is an option in ATI driver that can change brightness. But it does not change screen brightness via hardware, that is only software changes. And it is easy to notice the difference between ways of changing  brightness. Other special brightness programs have the same effect as ATI driver. So the most importaint problem for me is brightness keys, because for other function keys I found alternative and can controll for example touchpad on/off through special Synaptics touchpad driver (but anyhow it is more slowly do that way).


I noticed that not only I have this problem ( Some questions was in comments ( In addition I found an interesting information here ( The man had identical problems with lenovo, but he installed "lenovo QuickSet" and it did not help. When a new version of bios for his laptop appears the problems was automatically solved. Maybe this can help in my case too.


Please help with my problem Crying. Thank you for your attention.

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  • I am still waiting for some information about my problem . . . I want to know how big is the chance that someone from Dell support or someone else will try to solve my problem or I have the only one decision - use Win 7 or Vista ?

  • I am still waiting for some answer . . .

    (My topic was moved here from Microsoft OS Forum)

  • While I am waiting just for some answer (I can only dream that someone from Dell solving my problem now) I have easier question. Can I try to install BIOS from other laptop (Dell or Asus, Aser etc.) with the same CPU and VGA ? Does this trying can be dangerous for my laptop ?

  • Just for up my topic . . .

    When does a new version of bios can appear for my laptop ?

  • Attempting to use anything but the Dell BIOS for your specific system will destroy the system board.

    There is no support for XP on the mode you've chosen.