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Latitude C810 problem


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Latitude C810 problem

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Hi all, i'm new to this forum and was hoping someone could give me a little help with a problem i'm having with my Dell Latitude C810. For starters the charger needs to be plugged in before i can do anything, and then from there all it will do when i hit the start up button is.........the light comes on for a split second and then off along with the backlight for a split second and off again. And that is it! I tried the same procedure with the battery out and the same happened only the battery light wasn't on obviously. I would really like to get my Dell up and running again even though it's a bit dated now. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Is it just the LCD screen goes black or does the hard drive shutdown as well?

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  • Hi, it doesn't actualy start booting up, it literally is just for the split second