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Dell Inspiron N5010 overheating problem (turning off automatically)

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My laptop is only about a month 1/2 old and it's turning off automatically constantly. It's been doing this for the last two days. It happened twice while I was playing a graphically heavy game, then later today it happened while I was burning some files to a disk. While I was doing that, I started watching a video in my browser and that seemed to trigger it. Later on I started ripping a dvd and it turned off on its own again in the middle. I assume this is an overheating problem. What do I do?

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  • i had the same problem with my last laptop which was a hp.....the problem most likely is your heatsink.......if the laptop is stll on warranty calll dell asap

  • I blew into the vent and some dust particles started flying out, not a ton though. It hasn't crashed since then. I also noticed the air was blowing a bit stronger and seemed cooler than usual. I'll see if it turns off again.

  • well thats good because what i do like once per month i buy a can of compressed air and i blow air into the fan to blow out any dust that laoptop doesnt overheat at all....tho it is a bit warm from time to time but i suppose thats because i live in trinidad......

  • Had same problem without playing heavy games, It was getting too hot even to touch. Purchased a cooling pad and turned off the "Turbo Boost" function of Advanced system care. No problem of hot laptop since then.