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My Laptop Fan is not working


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My Laptop Fan is not working

This question is not answered

i have dell studio 1558

my laptop fan is not working...what should i do????

my computer become overheated and shutdown repeatedly......


i need one diagnosis tool to check my laptop fan is working or not....but i can't found any tool from dell for windows 7 64 bit.....

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  • Hi

    There is a Dell Diagonostics utility on the support page for your laptop:

    However it is a 32 bit application so you need to download it, install it and run it from windows, which might be a problem if your laptop keeps shutting down.....

    If your still under warranty get Dell to come and fix it, try to avoid keep letting it shut down though as you could damage your Hard Drive and then be in more trouble.

    If your not under warranty you can get a fan for about $50 from ebay then get someone to fit it for you.

  • i already send email about this problem.....but i didnt get reply yet.....

  • The built-in diagnostics are accessed by pressing F12 at powerup.  Boot to the Dell diagnostics from the menu that appears.

  • turn the fan same thing i do for my desktop computer

  • Hello Achal,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    You can find the steps for the Diagnostics from the following link;

    If your system is still covered under warranty you can send me a private message with the service tag of your system. I will be happy to contact you and resolve this issue.


  • I have a Dell inspiron and though my fan seems to work but the laptop gets really hot and sometimes shutdown with out giving any notice. I have the laptop for about 2 and a half years now. I don't understand what is the problem and am worried that this issue might cause a problem to my hard drive!

    Please Help!!

  • Hello Hind,

    There are three troubleshooting steps that I would suggest.
    Please follow the steps mentioned bellow.

    1. Cleaning the Vents:
    -- Check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through.
    -- Turn off the System.
    -- Unplug the AC Adapter.
    -- Remove the Battery, for instructions on how to remove the battery see the Service Manual.
    -- Use Compressed Air to blow the dust out of the vents.

    2. Update the BIOS:
    An out of date BIOS can cause heat issues by having an outdated temperature table for the system.
    Visit the Dell Drivers and Downloads website and input your Service Tag to get updates specific to your computer.
    If you need assistance in downloading and updating the BIOS,
    -- Enter the service tag of the computer and choose the Operating System.

    3. Hardware Diagnostics Check:
    -- Shut down the computer.
    -- Disconnect all the peripherals from the computer. (If it is a desktop, only the monitor, keyboard, mouse and the power cable should be connected. In case it is a laptop only the ac adaptor).
    -- Restart the computer and keep tapping F12.
    -- It takes you to the One Time Boot Menu.
    -- Select Diagnostics and press Enter.
    If the test fails capture the error code and get back to us, I would let you know the next course of action.

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • you can do 3 things


    clean your fans and use a cooling pad.


    set your cpu not on full power.

    how to do this?

    open AMD engine control center

    go to performance

    go to clock speed.

    and set your cpu speed to 87%  for my cpu is that ( 1.6GHz= 100%  1.4GHz=87%)

    this wil solve your heating problems a bit but your pc preformes wil not be 100% so if your are going to use heavy programs ore games  like far cry 3 ore battlefield 3 your wil notice some lagg and FPS drop



    this is not a easy solution but i did it and it works. PLZ ONLY DO THIS IF your not using heavy programs or dont care about lagg. and dont care about warrantyof your pc. or don't know anything about hardware and opeling laptops!!!!!! because if you do this and your fail dell will not repair your pc and you can trow it away!!!!!!!!!!

    step 1.

    look under your laptop into yor fan if there isn't anything blocking your fan. ( if that is as it was in my case. dell placed a piece of plastic in front of the fan!! i don't know why)

    download the hardware manual.

    and READ how to open your laptop and remove your motherboard. and remove the piece of plastic.

    if step one isn't the case or it isn't working you can do 2 things.

    one follow this guy.