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Inspiron N5110 Backlit Keyboard


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Inspiron N5110 Backlit Keyboard

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Perhaps I was dreaming, but when I first used the laptop, I am so sure that the laptop (N5110) had a backlit keyboard.


I was actually very impressed, and given I do work in the dark often, I thought, 'hey, this will be a very useful laptop for me'. Then, I thought, 'I hope I can control this, as I don't want it to be on all the time, because it will chew up the battery'. Later on, I've changed the keyboard on Windows7 so that I could type in other languages. Since then, I could not get it to work again.


I've used the function key with the right arrow, but nothing happens. I've changed the keyboard back to the US one, but still nothing happens.


Interestingly, I cannot find any info on backlit keyboard on N5110... to the extent that I am thinking... 'did I dream this up?'


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • well i too own the same machine.. but i dont have a backlit keyboard.. n i havnt seen a single machine in the 5 other 5110 machines that have a backlit keyboard.. :P

  • i too purchased the same machine but later came to know that it dont have keyboard backlit......surprisingly....!!!

  • I have to be honest. Slightly off topic, but I'm pretty sure when i ordered my wife's 15R, it was an option, now when i'm going to order another one for myself and can't find a single option for it except for on the ultrabooks. Not even a replacement part available to get her a backlit keyboard...


    I'm starting to think i dreamt the availability of the keyboard as well...

  • The N series never had a backlit keyboard option.

  • old post - but now that my keyboard is failing.... yes my N5110 has a keyboard that is backlit.  Not sure I know how to make it light in the dark, but it lights up when I first turn it on.

    Looking for a replacement keyboard since I am getting tired of smashing my keys.  Anyone know of a good replacement keyboard?